More OC, starting with a catchy name and a “Trump Contest” possibility…

…Progressive Citizen Candidates United… not bad, and CPPU is O.K. as acronyms go… and I have to have a name and get going…

Pro Democracy Writing contests on Trump-alt-Right oligarchic drift wedded to traditional southern strategy Holy Triumverate Repube backlash of last 40-80 years… and with a pro and con alternative bent: Why "We the people…" oppose these ass holes and how we create and build "Something completely different…"


Cleveland, Ohio March 10, 2017

Given the horrific 25+ years of "health care reform" that basically has de-evolved from the Heritage Foundation package of what would be allowed by the big for profit medical industry players into first Romneycare in Mass. and then a slightly less successful National version I call "Obomney Care- and now the predatory dullard Repubes offering to gut even that on behalf of those with the most among us…One thing should be clear: now is the time not for your tears over the loss of Obamacare- or hand wringing that they will do this and get away with doing this terrible thing. They will both do it and for the most part get away with it in the short run. Now is the time to ferociously advocate for and pursue the argument in every Congressional District not only for "Single Payer, Not For Profit, Universal Health Care" in this country but also for a set of Constitutional Amendments that will address the travesty that has been unleashed on our Democracy by the Citizens United and McCutcheon Supreme Court decisions and the ongoing hard right money coup that they have further strengthened and emboldened.

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Cleveland, Ohio February 24, 2017

If the experience with attempted health care reform has proven anything it’s that a single payer, not for profit, universal health care system is what is needed in this country. Totally transparent, corruption free, and fraud proof. It’s tiring that we are consistently told that such a system is "not politically feasible in the current climate." That is only so because the most "successful" predatory corporatist players own far to much of the Democratic process. Our costs as a society could easily go down 20-40% with such a fundamentally moral transition and the quality of health care would in the long run improve. It is almost impossible to quantify how much the stress of this system adds to a persons health issues when they are subjected to the cruel "invisible hand" realities of our current system at the most vulnerable points and stages of their (read: all of our) lives.

…Tues. 3/21/17 9:33 AMWhoa Nellie. So I took this job late, and it probably is a good thing. The next three days I’m in for orchestra etc. and I will probably be able to maintain the little bit of writing momentum I got going so far in this new process. I need to maintain the daily thou thing through this weekend, which I didn’t do last weekend. And that’s O.K.. And by the end of this weekend I want to be ready to take things to the next level. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if I was setting up the new blog by Sunday morning, but realistically that is probably a week away.
So anyway. This class is driving me crazy. 9th graders man. Eeuww (sic). Just awful. I mean really un-acceptable. And that seems to be the case a lot in English classes. I don’t know how I would handle this kind of thing, but it would be tough unless you came up with something that at least sort of kept or maintained some level of control. Oh well…
Anyway, on "Mein Trumpf"… These will just be a series of bulleted crots, and may not follow any kind of progression. Just random, baby…

  • The idea or notion of "giving this guy a chance has run its course. He is worse than the worst I thought he might be. And I was, how do you say it, concerned all along. I even did think he might actually get elected, which of course, he kind of sort of did. How this trainwreck ends is more or less as fascinating as watching a, well, train wreck. In too slow a motion. It is truly hard to believe that anyoune still buys into him being any kind of legitimate leader- let alone man worthy of being President. Of course there is a great deal of rabid partisanship and there has been since at least the Vietnik era. That really does seem to be the divide to where if you fell on one side or another of that horror-coaster you probably saw the world one way or another. And unless something compelled you to make a major change-over, your interpretation of things or people and national figures tended to stay focused through whatever prism your path in those days set you on. Of course that is assuming you lived through that era. And by now many did not. But that era galvanized everything that followed. If you were against the war in Vietnam, you probably didn’t like what happened to Allende in Chile, or the Reagan atrocities in El Salvador and Nicaragua or Grenada or the arming of Sadam to the teeth for the Iran-Iraq War of the 80’s or the horrifically short-sighted backing of the Osama lead "Freedom Fighters" In Afghanistan in an attempt to further weaken the Soviet Union. Well that may have worked in the short run, but now we have Putin basically installing an American Apprentice Puppet President. That’s why we need to say to Trump: "Your fired’ as soon as possible.
  • From there is the following quote He also revealed that the FBI launched its investigation into possible ties between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials back in July — a detail that enraged allies of Hillary Clinton, considering Comey chose to confirm the existence of the probe into her email arrangement but not the one into Trump’s campaign. .

Which of course does beg the question: why would Comey go public not once but twice over the Clinton emails- once just 10 or so days before the election, in effect the "October Surprise" that probably, in conjunction with the two days before the election "oh, there’s nothing really here after all disclaimer"- and not feel that the Democratic voting public should also know about the Trump-Russia investigation and possibilities of meddling in our election? Really, Comey? Comey please.

Although there really are many "multiple causality" reasons for Hillary losing the election, Comey was the "Trump card" so to speak that tipped the scales very late in the game. That last bit of "I just felt like the people deserved to know" just doesn’t jive with them not having a right to know that the other candidate and his peeps also were under suspicion and actual investigation already too. Bricks and mortar what???

The top Democrat on the panel, Rep. Adam Schiff of California, tried to keep the focus on the newly confirmed FBI probe.

“If the Trump campaign, or anybody associated with it, aided or abetted the Russians, it would not only be a serious crime, it would also represent one of the most shocking betrayals of our democracy in history,” Schiff said.

Enough with quoting all this shit. This is my time, as we say in the industry.

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More OC gleaned as I go thru old posts and emails to…

…me me me…

I wanna work for Bernie in Ohio…

…I sent the following to another Bernie email (via ActBlue) following his New Hampshire victory speech:

Bernie, I am interested in working for your campaign in Ohio as the primary here approaches- and beyond. I was a write in candidate for Ohio’s 9th Congressional district in 2014 and garnered 29 votes on zero dollars spent (except the registration fee at the Board of Elections). I would have gotten the necessary signatures to be on the general election ballot this year but a family health crisis intervened. I did GOTV canvass work for Working America in 2004, the year John Kerry was "swift boated" out of the Presidency, and I believe also the year Dan Rather was "swift documented" out of his career for daring to raise questions about the heroic Military Service of one Sonnie Dubbies (Bush the Younger). Also, I am a long time substitute teacher in the Lakewood City Schools, and I can tell you anecdotally that many of the young people in this inner ring and more and more diverse "Old Suburb" of Cleveland are energized and ready to go to work and be a part of what you are calling for- what I call a "pro ‘Big D’ Democracy in America" movement. I believe that your campaign, Bernie, not only can succeed in November, but can be the foundation on which such a movement can be built and sustained. will give you more information (although it is a Beta version and somewhat of a hot mess) on what I am proposing- much of it very much in harmony with your campaign. I loved the victory speech last night. May the 40 year pendulum swing to the far right and "trickle down voodoo economics" finally be over. Thank You, from the bottom of my heart, for taking this stand. Sincerely, In solidarity and Brotherhood,
George Skalsky
P.S. Bernie, while watching your speech last night with friends I paid you one of the highest compliments: I said you reminded me of "a tough old WOB"… nobody knew what I meant by that, or what I was referring to- but I know you will.

Citizen Candidacies that, among other things, host and convene "constitutional amendment conventions"(CAC’s)……in as many Congressional districts as possible by 2018 and hopefully all 435 of them in 2020 can and should be the goal of the "p’BD’Dia" movement and dovetails perfectly with Bernie’s "Political Revolution" candidacy and advocacy and is what a Grassroots campaign that starts now for another "real progressive" presidential candidate (Elizabeth Warren, perhaps???) in 2020 can be primed to bond with and coalesce around. *
This Book by retired Supreme Court Justice Hohn Paul Stevens: Six Amendments How and Why We Should Change the Constitution, is an excellent conversation starter about some amendment possibilities. My main interests are in amendments that would expand and protect the Democratic nature of our electioneering processes- but the CAC’s should be open to other issues. This could be like another "Bill of Rights" to address some very serious challenges to our ongoing efforts to "form a more perfect union".

One story that circulated around the time of the massive Government/Taxpayer bailout of the Banking and financial sectors at the time of "The Great Recession" really getting to "full tilt boogie" status went something like this:

Obama was just getting inaugurated, but both the McCain people and the Obama people were brought into the loop by the outgoing Bush economic team and it was eventually agreed upon by all that, as offensive as it was to some, one of the core priorities to stop the bleeding was to bring the banking and financial sectors (IE Wall Street at the upper echelon levels) back to profitability, back to normalcy. Which of course took an inordinate amount of questionable and none to transparent finagling and all kinds of guaranteed loans, 0% govt. loans, grants, subsidies, etc. etc.. Matt Taibbi wrote some of the very best expose essays on this subject early on and I think most of his analysis and reporting has come to be bourne out as "mostly true". There were a lot of reasons for this, and it worked out pretty well for "The Street". Bonuses were back to pre meltdown "norms" by the middle of 2008, I believe… long before most Americans even knew what fan it was that was blowing the shit on them. At any rate, it was early on that this under-reported network of "bailouts" was successful. So successful that I remember reading and being astounded by the little nugget that by mid 2009 the Real Estate market in the Hamptons had pretty much recovered and was back to "bid’ness as usual" and no harm no foul status. Again, most of America was just discovering what had hit them.

But my point in bringing this up is not to wring hands over the stanky awfulness of what went down. Rather it is to bring up the need to use the same model as a key component to a multi pronged "National Student Loan Forgiveness Act". More on this when I get back for ninth period…

From an email from Al Franken

They invest years of their lives and thousands of dollars to get a college education. And right when they’re about to enter the next stage in life, they get weighed down by student loan debt.
In this country, 40 million people owe student loan debt. That’s more than $1.2 trillion in outstanding student loans — an average of $29,000 per graduate.
Graduates could be spending that money on a downpayment on a first house. Or their first car and auto insurance. But too often they’re forced to put those things off in order to pay student loans.
And it’s not just graduates who are feeling the pinch. To help their children afford the rising cost of a college education, many parents and grandparents also share in the burden of debt.
The cost of college is holding back students and families.

…that they get away with largely because the "Free Press" has largely de-evolved into Corporate Owned and controlled MSM blather that legitimizes the ongoing "Coup D’argent" that has hijacked our Democracy…

gskalsky 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand

The only thing in this piece I take exception to is the notion that we are "in peril" of losing our Democracy because of the situation as described. It is lost, and what is in peril at this particular juncture is even the remote possibility of us, "We the people…" (whatever the exact percent of us who are currently left out of the "Democratic" mix) being able to reclaim and then actually retake control of our Nation, society, and economy through the Democratic institutions and processes that do still exist in this country for us to utilize to accomplish exactly that goal. But it will take more of a movement from the progressive Democratic people and organizations that are out there now and it will take much more organized, coordinated solidarity than has perhaps ever been mustered in all the historical annals of, dare I say, "the struggle".

Contact them at
and tell them directly that they are KneePad Tory shills doing the bidding the greatest democracy subverting hacks ever to threaten the Democratic rights of the vast majority of "We the people…"

Posted in Random Miscellaney info on registering as a candidate…

I am a new candidate. When do I need to register and start filing?

A person triggers registration and reporting responsibilities when campaign activity exceeds $5,000 in either contributions or expenditures. (Money raised and spent to test the waters, or explore the feasibility of becoming a candidate, does not count toward this threshold until a person decides to run for federal office or conducts activities indicating he/she is actively campaigning rather than testing the waters.) (11 CFR § 100.3(a)(3) and 102.13(a)(2)).

Within 15 days after an individual becomes a candidate as described, he/she must designate a principal campaign committee on the Statement of Candidacy (FEC Form 2) (11 CFR § 101.1(a) and 102.12(a)). Within 10 days after it has been designated by the candidate, the principal campaign committee must file the Statement of Organization (FEC Form 1) (11 CFR § 102.1(a)).

Authorized committees of candidates must file quarterly disclosure reports on FEC Form 3 (for House of Representatives and Senate candidates) or Form 3P (for Presidential candidates). The first report filed by the committee should include any receipts and disbursements made during the “testing the waters” (or exploratory) period. The coverage period of the first report should be adjusted to date back to the beginning of the committee’s financial activity.

For more information, please consult Campaign Guide for Congressional Candidates and Committees, page 5. [PDF]

Return to Top

What indicates that a candidate is campaigning and no longer “testing the waters”?

The followingactivities are examples of “testing the waters,” or exploring the feasibility of running for office: polling, making phone calls, traveling around the district, and raising money to pay for this activity under the federal contribution limits. Individuals conducting solely “testing the waters” activity are not required to register and report, even if they raise/spend more than $5,000 (11 CFR §100.72(a) and 100.131(a)).

The following activities are examples of campaigning:

  • Making or authorizing statements referring to yourself as a candidate (“Smith in 2016” or “Smith for Senate”);
  • Using general public political advertising to publicize your intention to campaign;
  • Raising more money than what is reasonably needed to test the waters or amass funds (seed money) to be used after candidacy is established;
  • Conducting activities over a protracted period of time or shortly before the election;
  • Taking action to qualify for the ballot (11 CFR §100.72(b) and 100.131(b)).

Once an individual becomes a candidate, funds raised or spent to test the waters apply to the $5,000 threshold. All money raised and spent in the exploratory period has to be reported on the first FEC report (beginning coverage date of the report should be the date of first financial activity).

For more information, please consult:

Campaign Guide for Congressional Candidates and Committees, page 1. [PDF]

From the above Candidates Campaign Guide:

Candidate Salary The candidate may receive a salary from his or her campaign committee only under the following conditions: • The salary must be paid by the principal campaign committee; • The salary must not exceed the lesser of the minimum annual salary for the federal office sought or what the candidate received as earned income in the previous year; • Individuals who elect to receive a salary from their campaign committees must provide income tax records and additional proof of earnings from relevant years upon request from the Commission; • Payments of salary from the committee must be made on a pro-rata basis (i.e., a candidate may not receive a whole year’s salary if he or she is not a candidate for an entire twelvemonth period); • Incumbent federal officeholders may not receive a salary payment from campaign funds; and 54 Campaign Guide for Congressional Candidates Chapter 8 • The first payment of salary shall be made no sooner than the filing deadline for access to the primary election ballot in the state in which the candidate is running for office. • Salary payments may continue until the date when the candidate is no longer considered a candidate for office or until the date of the general election or general election runoff. For special elections, payments may continue from the date that the special election is set until the date of the special election. 113.1(g)(1)(i)(I). Ch. 8, p. 53

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Preview YouTube video Testing the Waters

Testing the Waters

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Book: Disposable Americans: Extreme Capitalism and the Case for a Guaranteed Income…

…buy it at:
or check out the google preview at:

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Economic inequality… by Paul Buchleit

"Inequality, like a malignant tumor, is growing out of control, and the only response from Congress is to make it even worse. Those at the richest end of the nation seem to have lost all capacity for understanding the meaning and values of an interdependent society. They’ve convinced themselves that they deserve their passively accumulated windfalls, and that poorer people have only themselves to blame for their own misfortunes."

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Voter suppression… a pro voting rights .org to contact…

"An analysis by Media Matters for America found that only 8.9 percent of TV news segments on voting rights from July 2016 to June 2017 “discussed the impact voter suppression laws had on the 2016 election,” while more than 70 percent “were about Trump’s false claims of voter fraud and noncitizen voting.” During the 2016 campaign, there were 25 presidential debates but not a single question about voter suppression. The media has spent countless hours interviewing Trump voters but almost no time reporting on disenfranchised voters like Anthony."


"“We’re moving into a pre-Voting Rights Act era, where there isn’t any real watchdogging of elections and changes to election laws,” says Albrecht. “States, including Wisconsin, are making maverick changes that have a significant impact on populations that have been historically disenfranchised. “The GOP shows no signs of letting up on its campaign to restrict voting rights. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has reversed the Obama administration’s opposition to a restrictive voter ID law in Texas and voter purging in Ohio. And the request by Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity for the voter data of every American has led thousands of voters to unregister in swing states like Colorado and sparked fears that the administration will propose new policies to undermine access to the ballot at the federal and state levels. Emboldened by these efforts, Republican-controlled statehouses have already passed more voting restrictions in 2017 than they did in 2016 and 2015 combined. Taken together, “there’s no doubt that these election changes affected the turnout among young voters, first-time voters, voters of color, and other members of the Obama coalition that overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton,” says Marc Elias, general counsel for Clinton’s campaign, who filed a half-dozen voting rights lawsuits in the months before the 2016 election."

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From a email…

What do you get when you combine wealthy donors calling the shots, gerrymandered districts that exclude majorities from being heard, and voter suppression that takes away the voice of those most harmed by policies? You get bills like the GOP tax plan that was passed yesterday in the House.

According to a recent report in the International Business Times, “Republican members of Congress are feeling intense pressure from major donors to agree on and pass a tax cut bill for President Donald Trump to sign into law.”

They have some good stuff in their plan:

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More original content to edit closely… An old freewrite on “The Issues” …

…cuz, kike, time it is and such a time it is…

An old freewrite on "The Issues"

From handwritten Journal… Fri. 3/16/12

4. Issues issues issues… what are the core issues of and to a “Pro Democracy in America” movement…/Super Pac/ and of course ultimately an evolving Third, But actually of course, Second Party to counter balance the Rightward shift in this country that has been ongoing not just since Reaganomics but since Global Industrial Capitalism, through the miracle of growth and development that WW2 was and which ongoing and constant warfare or at least warfare spending has reamained the key componant to economic planning and control… Well, those issues are plenty, but here are some big’uns:

a. Campaign Finance Reform/ Electioneering Law Reform/ Abolishing/Disbanding the Electoral College/ Constitutioanal ammendment level approach to repealing “Citizens United” and status of corporations- possibly two separate Constitutional Amendments on these with one of them being a Federal Law that supercedes all “State’s Rights” approaches to corporate charter laws… Regulating Corporations effectively or the alternative of having big money Trans Sovereign corporate oligarchies that are either too big to challenge or to big to fail totally co-opting our Democracy, society, military and intelligence forces, and moral standing… that is what the choice distills down to…

b. All such reform geared to:

i. Lessen the influence of money in general;

ii. Decrease almost entirely the need for constant fundraising;

iii. Encourage transparency;

iv. Bridge the divide in influence between genuine “Citizen Lobbying” that tries to look out for the genuine needs and interests of the vast majority but is largely ignored and ironically branded as “Special Interst Groups”… and the big money deep pocket lobbies of the various oligarchy and plutocracy K street lobbyists that not only distort our Democracy they supercede it almost entirely… this isn’t just a Wall Street thing ans at it’s root it includes all the big money funding of the whole ongoing Right Wing arc we’ve been on since Goldwater’s defeat and Nixon’s Resignation caused the Right to re-organize and super fund it’s efforts all around the country at every level- until the mainstream is so far out of whach Righ Wing that it is almost unrecognizble as the America I started to come of age in.

v. Broaden the debate and potential “political feasability” of various possible approaches to a host of issues, IE:

1. National Single Payer Not for Profit Health Insurance and Care;

2. Balance Between Public Sector and Private Sector;

3. Any and all major issueswe face as a people, Nation, society, economy, and culture;

4. Education and Student Loan;

5. The Privatization and Evangelical Right takeover of our Military and Intelligence communities;

5. A great U-Tube video: Idea- the conservative good old boy’s club meet to discuss the illegality of a woman rejecting their advances. Based of course on the denial of “Potential Personhood” that the sexual unioun the man is seeking might create… The idea then becomes a Rider to a Benign routine bill when presented by “Big Donor Hurtzer” to a theoretical Southern Senator… The resulting rider that ultimately is used as a pawn/threat to shut down the government is then discussed on various shows: The View, Ted Koppel (Nightline special edition unit), Fox News Panel including Right wing hack bitches Michelle B, Sarah P, and Anne C,- all dressed in vampy dominatrix garb… This could be an Internet T.V. Series

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Sites to explore for crowd funding…

…the whole damned "p’BD’DiA" movement…

Sites to consider using to promote or seek funding through:

The site that helped catapult crowdfunding into the mainstream might not jump in. Kickstarter, a platform for funding creative projects, has been such a smash success that other sites often bill themselves as "the Kickstarter for [fill in the blank]."

NB- become the "kickstarter" site for the pro Democracy movement you are advocating for…

More funding sites:

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