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Quotes for and More OC from random snail journals… and emails…

A working title for at least an essay in the FM: "A Primer For Overprivileged White Americans a quote for a chapter- or even the whole Book From: By Chris Hedges “People cannot bear very much reality,” -T.S. Eliot-

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A good site maybe for .org building purposes… and stuff mined from old emails… a main guy to contyacy… A group to communicate with: with many of their affiliates also of interest… A book to sell and check out through… Merchants of Doubt by Erik M. Conway and Naomi Oreskes preview it at: On

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Very important Media issues and material…

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Old fave Matt Taibbi on point again… by Matt his self… A couple two tree quotes: These people now have their hands on what is essentially a direct lever over nationwide news distribution. It’s hard to understate the potential mischief that lurks behind this union of

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Best of the “p’BD’DiA” articles I’ve found today… these are from

…from some of the best of the on line liberal aggregators and original content generators… by the great JIm Hightower – google won’t let me get to that site so, googlin US Mail Not For Sale gets

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An example of, and in a way, all you need to know about the rampantly partisan gerrymandering going on now…

…right now and still, all across America. This example is from the 2018 Wisconsin State Assembly elections:

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An old letter to and old friend and good neighbor…

…with a little warning- I found this in on a school computer- got to be careful with being signed in on any “public” computer, I guess. …As If These Lying Smiling Greedy Sniveling Beefy Faced Selfish Assed White Buoys

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From one of my all time faves… this one is really scary. Read it and make your expat plans… by Matt Taibbi A prescient quote or two: But Trump has actually tried to do lots of the insane things he promised he would. That he’s made a cock-up of these efforts will be irrelevant. He promised a monstrous

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A Book On the forever warfare policies and their effects…

The Counterrevolution: How Our Government Went to War Against Its Own Citizens By Bernard E. Harcourt… by it at: or, preview it at:

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A book that is a good and perhaps must read…

…at least the first Chapter seemed so. It is: America, The Farewell Tour by Chris Hedges. By it at: or, preview it at:

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