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For the Book Selling Section…

Preview this book Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump in google Books or buy it at: Advertisements

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A great article and a book to look into…

To the Ramparts: How Bush and Obama Paved the Way for the Trump Presidency, and Why It Isn’t Too Late to Reverse Course by Ralph NaderBy at: or preview at:,+and+Why+It+Isn%27t+Too+Late+to+Reverse+Course&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjg6oCVprLiAhVBPq0KHYjzCc4QuwUIMDAA#v=onepage&q=To%20the%20Ramparts%3A%20How%20Bush%20and%20Obama%20Paved%20the%20Way%20for%20the%20Trump%20Presidency%2C%20and%20Why%20It%20Isn’t%20Too%20Late%20to%20Reverse%20Course&f=false

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Media matters…

This story  is very scary, on so many levels…  Looking over the maffick site even a little bit gets my head spinning.  Not necessarily in a good, evil, or amazing way.          

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Ongoing list of Publications, Media Sites, Progressive Activists and Writers to cull a progressive Weekly from…

…this is a key project to present to the “p’BD’DiA” movement that I am proposing still, even though I am losing hopefulness again and will choose “Freedom and Wilderness; Wilderness and Freedom” for myself over despondency and listless once again

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Googling best policy ideas to get money out of politics…

…gets lots of results, and lots of other wording possibilities for related and similar kinds of searches to be done. Researching this and culling some “est ideas” and then laying out my big’un is the way to go from here.

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Original Conten on: What to do, what to do… a good article by the always wickedly wise Jim Hightower… and, an organization or site to look into: O.K., so this is a pretty unbelievable time for “Our Democracy”… such as it is. Here are the key takeaways

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This article gives some good reasons why I say to just say no to Beto… A prescient quote from the article: When Politico asked O’Rourke late last year whether he considered himself to be a progressive Democrat, O’Rourke replied: “I don’t know. I’m just, as you may have seen and heard over the course

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So maybe Spokane might be less than ideal… If you google Matt Shea there is a treasure trove of scarey stuff- not to mention the Liberty 51st State movement, mentioned actually a lot in this article…

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A very good primer on why I’m a “Never Bidener” that should be sent to our Scranton peeps who like him just cuz he’s got local ties there… A prescient quote: Indications of being a “moderate” and a “centrist” play well with the Washington press corps and corporate media, but amount to a surefire way to undermine enthusiasm and voter turnout from the base of the Democratic

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Reclaiming A sensible idea for the Just and Fair Tax Code overhaul chapters…

…and more for the “p’BD’DiA” movement sections of The F.M. : For the not for profit Single Payer and or Public Insurance Health CAre Models sections… Perhaps a good site to get involve with and submit articles to:

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