About this “R.O.A.D.”

The initials of “Reclaiming our American Democracy” form the acronym “ROAD”- and that symbolizes what it is “We the people…” need to do.  We need to get on the allegorical road, or path, to getting to the point where the “Great Work” (borrowing from the title of Thomas Berry’s masterpiece) that needs to be done in the “real world” can be more coherently undertaken.  What stands in our way are the “current political and economic realities” that “business and politics as usual” are either the best we can hope for, or, that we are already getting the best of all possible worlds thanks to the Ayn Randian great men who we owe are deep and eternal gratitude to.

So in response to such foolish drivel: https://reclaimingouramericandemocracy.wordpress.com/  makes “A Call to the Politically Wild at Heart” to the citizens of the United States, that “We the people…” as it were, should join in common cause to organize and then work toward realizing an ongoing and much needed reclaiming, restoring, re-establishing, and re-inventing etc. etc.- of our American Democracy.  All of these and other similar “Re” terms fit and describe what is needed: A major citizens movement to thoroughly re-invigorate our Democracy on all levels: Social, Economic, Political, and Cultural.

There are all kinds of reasons to make this call for fundamental changes in the way “business and politics” operate in this country- not to mention in whose interests they do or do not operate.  So let’s have at it: a revival of civic engagement, grassroots Democratic activism, good old fashioned American idealism, and lets not forget… yankee ingenuity, know how, and can do spirit.

Some of the basic and key points to what is being called for here are:

  • This bulleted list will be fleshed out as I slog out this WP blog…

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