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…from Ryan Grim of the Intercept…

The most tired debate in Democratic politics is the one on class versus race — should Democrats focus on the white working class and risk losing black and brown base voters? Or should they write off the WWC and focus on inspiring the base and driving them to vote in higher numbers? We published a new book today at Strong Arm Press that is so persuasively argued and deeply researched that it ought to bury this conversation once and for all: The answer is that to do well with both groups, you must confront race head on, and you must have a potent economic message for everybody.

It’s a bit counter-intuitive at first but then as you move through the book it eventually makes perfect sense. And despite the sophisticated nature of the conversation, it’s quite an easy read. Based on extensive analysis of polling, focus groups and innovative new research techniques, Mike Lux has produced a must-read piece of work for anybody interested in campaigns and Democratic politics (and the good news is that it comes in significantly under 200 pages, so you can get through it in just a few commutes).

The book is coming out of the gate strong, already ranked 5,000th, which isn’t that bad. But I bet we can get it into the top 100 over the weekend or next week.

Google scoop: The company that started as a search engine with a the motto “Don’t Be Evil” is now getting deeper and deeper into using artificial intelligence to power drone warfare. After The Intercept first reported on its contracting scheme with the Pentagon, Google employees pushed back, and Google executives told them not to worry, it was just a tiny contract. Lee Fang has a new story out tonight showing that, in fact, it was a contract with a potential to rise to $250 million and it was linked to an effort worth billions.

Google this spring removed nearly all mentions of “Don’t Be Evil” from its code of conduct. Really.

Bronx-Queens update: If you missed our story last week on the race between Joe Crowleyand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it would make a great weekend read.

But if you are caught up, you’ll enjoy this follow-up interview with her on the podcast Intercepted.

This week, she came out with an all-volunteer-made political ad, and it’s surprisingly good. One of the best campaign ads I’ve seen in a long time.This email grows by word of mouth. If you enjoy getting it, please forward this note to friends and tell them to sign up to start getting their own copy here.

I’m the Washington bureau chief at The Intercept, and I send this several times a week. If you want to contribute directly to help keep the thing running, you can do so here, though be warned a donation comes with no tote bags or extra premium content or anything. Or you can support it by buying a copy of Schoolhouse Wreck: The Betsy DeVos Story, Out of the Ooze: The Story of Dr. Tom Price or Wall Street’s White House, the first three books put out by Strong Arm Press, a small progressive publishing house I cofounded. See upcoming titles here.

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