Transcribed and other misc. O.C.-

Thurs., Aug. 14, 2018, 12:20 PM… These MRI days. They are intermittent revisitations of how life can and has changed. We hope all will be well; we worry a little and a lot each time. No mystery of surprise or particular uniqueness in any of it.
My life certainly has been affected, but Chris has to handle the MRI’s- and the nervosa over the possibly “bad” images of what is after all, her own dang brain. To me she seems to ‘handle’ it all quite bravely, although I’m sure if contributes to her all around ongoing anxiety levelsf. Levels T-Bone. But what are you gonna do?

I would like to get things together enough to finally and somewhat successfully at least show up and produce. Delayed gratification in this instance might really turn out to be the sweetest of all. If I come through. We shall see.

What nice people… From Fostoria, Miami of Ohio, and some Tech school over by Fremont. Anti Trumpists. Good conversation- and then the most compelling and riveting of lines: “Yeah, there’s no cure for Stage Four Colon Cancer.”
Her brain tumor(s) that she had the Gamma Knife Procedure for had come from her colon. So be careful what you ask of whom when you’re conversating at the Taussig, ya dig???

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