O.C.- A Brief History of Imperialism:

“A Primer For Overprivileged White Americans With Narcissistic Entitlement Issues”
So… all of human history has evolved with the rich and poserful (Freudiean slip- I meant to write “powerful”- but look what came out, and oh yeah: “Whoops, I did it again…”) mostly running things their way and in their own best interests. And often that is quite to the extreme detriment of the lesser blessed souls. Illusions, crumbs, nods, or facades toward “Democracy”, equality (of opportunity, outcome, justice, fairness etc. etc…) are for the most part easily subverted by the organized co-ordination of the “Folks of Means” in any particular culture, society, or political economy…
Now here we are in the years and America: the Mein Trumpf years, the Koch Bros Citizens United and their ilk years, no less. In short the most least best iteration of the tribalist bipartisan de-facto one party system of corporatist and oligarchic Ayn Randian dystopic nightmare.
What can be done about any of these circumstances? What might, for lack of a better phrase, “We the people…” do about this ongoing state of affairs of our ongoing b’idness and politics as politics as usual?
That is the main topic as well as the core question of my lifelong learning journey and intermittent attempts to “show up and produce” with my writing and semi creative attempts at being actively engaged. Such questions are the heart of my intellectual engagement and a big-assed part of what forms my being. It also is a major root cause of my lassitude, alienation, apathy, ennui, and vague sense of despair.
Galvanizing and organizing the Fat Masterpiece that is already somewhat partially written but needs to be cogently focused, shaped, refined and re-written several times. That’s the job and raison d’etre for all of my creative instincts from here. I need to engage it as much as possible from now on whilst subbing at my metaphysical “patent office”.

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