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Like, the writin’ first, like always nowadays…

So I’m back at the grind, day two, and it’s already Weds., Jan. 10, 2018…
I am just not getting any traction, yet. so a crotting I will go, and here goes

  • I will check out some sites and organize my old and almost used up (just like me) notebook.

So, I will extend my streak, with an E to me. The daily writing, which notice I am not referring to as any canned thang, seems to be pretty fruitless a this point. Hopefully I will feel inspired again at some point fairly soon. Meantime, at least I will force the motion and hopefully in the right direction. Now, sports talk observations that maybe, if I end up posting them, might get noticed and land me a job as a sports GM.

  • On the Browns. What a mess. It would be Easy to stop right there, but there’s something in the DNA, right. Call it the blessings of Milt Morin, Milt Plum, and fellow Aztec Brian Sipe. So I will record some thoughts.
  • I don’t care about the Haslems personal or business issues. Jimmy may get convicted of something- big deal. There’s not a manjack billionaire amongst us who isn’t probably equally “hey whatever man”. I think we are living in the dying last stages of oligarchic organized gangster trans sovereign globalist capitalism. We make heroes out of people who can navigate and bully there way through their own gamed system to the top of the heap. And then one of the perks for them for having done so well for themselves in the slime pit of this “concentrated money is ROI” free for the few system is owning a sports franchise. So the Haslems own the Browns. And, after 5 or six years of their pathetic stewardship, their historic losing and repetitive poor choices and stances on just about everything that goes into running an organization- their initial $billion or so dollar investment is now worth a billion and a half. so go figure. It’s just par for the oligarchic course…

I have done almost nothing… Tues. 01/09/18… but now’s not the time for yer tears…
Back subbing. I try to have as much fun as possible interacting as needed with the “kiddoes” (sic). I will be as much like Einstein in the patent office as I the rest of this school year and hopefully, to reference don Juan, the efforts will lead me finally, out of the brush.
So here’s an actual idea for a chapter or section or entire discrete “work” for or related to the FM. There was a newish copy of The Communist Manifesto- the Engel’s own translation into English in 1888 so it’s got that going for it… My idea for my writing is to develop a modern day parallel to and have it be my “Call to the Politically Wild at Heart” or the “platform” for the “p’BD’DiA” movement that is already something that needs to be concisely and cogently produced by me, George Skalsky, to have as a bedrock hard document of what I am going to try to organize “real world” activism around.

The Edition is: published 2017 by Arcturus https://www.allbookstores.com/book/compare/9781945186257 but even better than that edition is the pdf linked to here:
https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/download/pdf/Manifesto.pdf which has complete copy and paste capabilities and is what I will try and utilize when bringing my related project to “Pamphlet” and “Pamphleteering” form.

The following are passages from that pdf Edition to either quote or cite and then react to given where we are at now in our current historical epoch or framework:

The basic thought running through the Manifesto – that economic production, and the structure of society of every historical epoch necessarily arising therefrom, constitute the foundation for the political and intellectual history of that epoch; that consequently (ever since the dissolution of the primaeval communal ownership of land) all history has been a history of class struggles, of struggles between exploited and exploiting, between dominated and dominating classes at various stages of social evolution; that this struggle, however, has now reached a stage where the exploited and oppressed class (the proletariat) can no longer emancipate itself from the class which exploits and oppresses it (the bourgeoisie), without at the same time forever freeing the whole of society from exploitation, oppression, class struggles – this basic thought belongs solely and exclusively to Marx.* I have already stated this many times; but precisely now is it necessary that it also stand in front of the Manifesto itself. Frederick Engels June 28, 1883, London

The defeat of the Parisian insurrection of June 1848 – the first great battle between proletariat and bourgeoisie – drove again into the background, for a time, the social and political aspirations of the European working class. Thenceforth, the struggle for supremacy was, again, as it had been before the Revolution of February, solely between different sections of the propertied class; the working class was reduced to a fight for political elbow-room, and to the position of extreme wing of the middle-class Radicals. Wherever independent proletarian movements continued to show signs of life, they were ruthlessly hunted down.

“… the general principles laid down in the Manifesto are, on the whole, as correct today as ever. Here and there, some detail might be improved. The practical application of the principles will depend, as the Manifesto itself states, everywhere and at all times, on the historical conditions for the time being existing…”

Note to self and the Schmoops in general- that Chagrin Falls pottery class might be as cheap as around $40 bucks. Us doing ceramics together and starting out with some really easy products like trivets and coasters- with like peace sign and love generation symbols and text- that could be really really sell-able stuff… call that lady to get a feel for what those classes are- two separate sessions or just a two part intro on one day and time

Moron clay stuff… google making clay coasters and trivets in beginning ceramics class for some good intro ceramics resources…

The traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder aka “Trump Syndrome” are found at https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/9741.php

I should and will do a quick write on how to lose weight right here, right now. I was 218 this morning and that was after tree shits, Brew… But right now, I got to get ready to blow this two bit soda stand.

Current thoughts on how to proceed with…”like, the writin'”. Among other things. So this will just be a “state of the “creative process” kind of herky jerky free write, and as such I think it will be best to do it Crot style- woop woop- and so it shall be. The following bullited list will be just that. So here goes the new OC quickwrite:

  • I think everything I have been doing with the writing for all these years has proven to be fairly insightful and even presciently wise to a point, even if I haven’t promoted or sold it much at all. I am of the opinion that I have a lot of fairly good “Original Content” to show for all of it, and I have much of it stored digitally and even fairly “gone over recently”. That said, I need to proceed fairly quickly with an effort to organize and edit into something coherent, cogent, and in a final form pretty finished and ready to sell, promote, or use to some practical end. This can be done in conjunction with proposing and promoting the kind of “p’BD’DiA” citizen activism that is at the heart of what I really have been both writing about and yearning for throughout my lifelong learning and “pura vida” journey. I think I should have enough time over Christmas break to get a good grip on how to proceed with “all of that” finally and that’s the plan.
  • I think it is O.K. to register as a Write In Candidate for this upcoming 2018 Congressional race- one more time with feeling. The whole point to it always was to write the more important “Fat Masterpiece” styled life’s work sort of long form content about all that I have to say, have learned, and propose that “We the people…” ought to do given our current situation, reality, political economy, etc. etc.

I think after last night I should try and express my thoughts and feelings on “all of that effing B.S.” just for me and Chris’s eyes and ears only. I feel so tired right now- of this feeling and of course also from not getting enough sleep. I think I and we need to get into something new and positive together to take the place of the very powerful slot/gambling addiction that we both got bad, man. And along with things that we get into instead of gambling we should really figure out that elusive “something” that we can do for an indeterminent (sic) spot of time into the future that makes us some money.. Start with selling off a boat load of our junk, and while doing that figure a more concrete plan for ongoing vending that includes products and places to sell them at a fair price…
Right now though I am falling apart whilst typing- oops Freudian slip: I meant to write I was falling asleep but it came out “apart”. But i’m not falling apart; I do need, however, to get my shit like way totally more together ASAP.

So the logical numbers behind our difficulty in doing anything effectual in the face of “b’idness and politics as usual” right here in the good old US of A. Here’s a rough set of suppositions that I thin form a core kernal of the truth of the dilemna:

  • Citizens United and McCutcheon Supreme Court Decisions didn’t create the whole problem in and of themselves. They just took an already egregious situation and put it on steroids. But it is in its aftermath that the new realities of “one dollar one vote” “Democracy” are being played out.
  • So the business hard right agenda and alliances creates more wealth mega donors than the liberal lefty Soros types there that are, to be sure, also out there Although it ain’t kicking in this time just yet. I will grind like I try to and see if I can get my mojo back again. Meantime… https://www.copperfitbalance.com/?mid=8883344 is where you can get Brett Favre promoted orthotic insoles and https://www.getflexseal.com/Root/6.0000/Index.dtm?otsid=7337 is another product that sounded good at one time, probably drunk, late at night, watching shit box T.V.

Don’t know if I ever transcribed this bit:

“About the new tech baron assholes in NoCal these days… it was actually a pretty droll, lifeless, and only marginally interesting read with miniscule and not very original insight as in “Tech moves fast, disruptors are sociopathicAyn Randian Dickheads but make or made serious bank so we should follow them to where? Trumpland?? Nah…

Still need to do this:
Revisiting the first Langston Hughes book I ever read…way back in Fall Quarter Freshman English at OU 1970… Simple’s Uncle Sam. That class, “Crisis in Black and White” and the next quarter’s “Crisis in the Classroom” were the Liberal alternatives to a traditional Freshman Composition requirement- and I think we had to write 4 papers throughout the quarter, which thanks to JMH’s Honors English background were a can of corn for me. Lucky I successfully begged Howard Jones to let me back into the AP track when I did. Anyway, Semple revisitied….

Easy fix for the gerrymandering problem…
…if states want to fix the problem then just have their state contingent decided by statewide plurality results. A party gets as many Reps proportionally as they got of the statewide popular vote. I know that leaves a lot of room for hassles, but it’s better than Repubes getting 13 of 18 Congressional reps in PA on roughly half of the popular vote. And mainstream media is obsessing on Russian meddling while big money has installed the lackey “Conservatives” in a “coup d’argent” unlike anything even imaginable just a few years ago… Much more on this subject…

I don’t think this is cause for panic, but it may…
..be cause to have a plan to go, you know, off the grid at a moments notice. Read this whole article. No, really.https://www.commondreams.org/news/2018/02/21/new-report-details-how-americans-who-have-debt-held-collection-agencies-can-get
and here is the original ACLU report referenced in the article above:

My name is George Skalsky, I am interested in getting involved with and working on your campaign for governor of Ohio. My friend George Lucaci from Alger Rd. Cleveland suggested I email you directly with a few thoughts- and he also suggested I don’t send a PHD dissertation so I will strive to be brief. A few key points and comments:

  • I have been a substitute teacher in the Lakewood City Schools since you were still our Congressman and had offices up on Detroit. At LHS I sometimes bill myself as the “most interesting sub in the world” even though those Dos Equis commercials have rapidly fallen in the pop cultural firmament Extremist hard right Republican gerrymandering ended both your and Betty Sutton’s tenure. You know more about that than most, I would assume. But to the point, I know a lot of young, diverse, and progressive leaning young people in Lakewood who I think could be interested in working on your grass roots campaign.
  • I could recruit some of those young people to work on your campaign. I have driven the van and canvassed in GOTV, voter registration, and some phone bank capacities before (with Working America on behalf of the John Kerry campaign in 2004) and have dabbled as a Write In candidate a couple of times. I believe “Citizen Candidates” for various Congressional districts around the country (in even the reddest of territory) could be key to a re-Democratizing of American politics which, in light of the Citizens United and McCutcheon cases is more at risk of falling to the ongoing Money Coup that concentrated oligarchic globalized wealth has been successfully waging for at least 40 years. In other words, since your days as our Mayor of Cleveland when you were temporarily banished for “standing up to the ‘big boys’. I hope you soon do the same as Governor of Ohio. (standing up that is, not getting banished)
  • As an aside, I remember, while living in San Diego in the early 80’s, being very proud when I saw several books about your time as mayor in a little progressive book and coffee shop touting your role as a legitimate champion of an urban populism that was struggling to survive, even back then… Prop 13 had just started decimating the public sector in California, and the race to the bottom was on.
  • Anyway: “Have van, will canvass”- hopefully with some young and diverse and eager young Lakewoodites. If either you or someone from your campaign gets back to me I am ready to get started. We can work out the details of what I can do for the campaign as it evolves- but just know that I want a no cut contract and at least half my remuneration guaranteed. Kidding
  • But seriously now for just a moment- I think there are a lot of young people who would be greatly served by being exposed to and working on your campaign for Governor, and I think you have a better chance of winning if you can harness, embrace, speak to and fight for the hopes and energy of these new and potentially highly activist young voters and voters to be. They represent the best hope for achieving some of the deep systemic change that is needed now more than ever in our communities, state, country-and around the world.

I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for your time. Hope this was brief enough…

Really good article. Can’t hardly wait till we can be discussing such heady econ- analysis over bourbons just loudly enough to begin to capture the collective fancies of some early 20 something sweet thangs at the table or booth relatively adjacent to ours in whatever pub or gastro pub I decide to stir the drinks in for the purpose of getting you not only laid but in love out beyond the waves to the extent that you’ll be ready to by a little Zillow researched real estate in this here West Park- Kamms Korners area of “The Land”. Soon, Soolay Brother, T-Schlome

On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 6:49 PM, jonathan hoffmann <hoffmannpdx> wrote:


Back to a “like, the writin’ first” approach… …and in order to do this I will do a little bit of creative crottin’ about to start with and that may include some readin’ and reactin to various things I need to look over today. So the following bulleted list is the crot stuff.

  • Firstly, I started out the year writing pretty well, but I lost the thread of that. So a new tack needs to be tried. The glib little bon mot from Jonathan was not only funny as hell, but also spot on. Not that anybody is likely to find my stuff, edit it and get rich. But that my problem may be as much time management and organization skills as anything. So I am going to start up again, right here, right now, and try and really get oragnized and come up with a solid organizational plan on how to proceed from here as, of course, the way opens.
  • Getting sick and Chris being sick have been challenges to everything, and just getting through the work days as well as just grinding out another winter is a legitimate accomplishment. But it would be nice if I could finally show up and produce so some changes do need to be made- cuz, like, I ain’t gotten nothing sold nor published yet in all these years of scribbling and then plink plink plinking and journalizing and web sites and blogging. It all sputters out, man.

OC including a Fat Masterpiece title plus a little more plus Notes: Readin’ and Reactin’ Style…
…on Getting Your Book… gulp, out there, and other people having access. These notes are to be only really cogent shit…

A working title for the, or one of the main ones anyway, FM… It is with a nod, or is an hommage, to one of the most important works in all of history. Mine shall be:
The “Pro ‘Big D’ Democracy in America” Manifesto A Platform and Set of Proposals on How “We the people…” Ought to and Can Take Back our American Democracy from the Right Wing Money Coup That Has Been Successfully Staged in This Country Over the Last Forty Years



In honor of my new plan to put the writin’ on the front burner where it belongs… I have signed up with the Literary Market Place as a free user with my most standard user name and password… I can research if there are any “Small Press” publishers for me to look into submitting to…
Log in at:
Why the spontaneous bold face font, Brew…



O.C. on the F.M. and the patent office and the whole nine yards…

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