O.C. on the F.M. and the patent office and the whole nine yards…

Well, they took some honey, from a tree- wrapped it up and they called it me. Everybody’s trying to be my baby, everybody’s trying to be my baby- everybody’s trying to be my baby now.

They have to improve everything don’t they. I’m thinking stream of consciousness free form auto-bio poetic prose narrative of or about life as I have come to see it. What up with all that. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Right on baby. Nobody reads anyway, so I don’t have to worry about it being any good, after all. Can’t figger it out though. Why does man create, really? Just to say: “hey, I am here, or was here at one time…” Yeah, and that’s me to a “T” pretty much. So I think of “The Fat Masterpiece A Working Class Hero of the Counterculture is (or would be) Something to Be”. That is pretty much the whole ball of wax in a nut shell. A journal styled collection that in the end, in the final analysis is a work of fictionalized non fiction, or autobiographical fantasy. I don’t know but I been told.

So this is the patent office for me, such as it is. No hard science for me. Human society and cultures, that’s my subject matter. The idea of Democracy, self governance, the rights of all- not just the super well positioned and grotesquely over-privileged .1 per-centers and their well compensated staffs… All the other minorities, too. That’s the essence of “the struggle”.

Sad news about some old pottery…

Hey Lou,

So I was trying to find some allspice or cloves in the cabinet above my sink counter and lo and behold I knock a glass jar of dried hot Italian peppers off the shelf and it lands in a cup of water on said counter and it puts a big chip in a cup below. No big deal, and no one was hurt- but it was the all natural hand thrown pottery cup which was part of the stuff we traded various of our Mexican merch for from them Potter-Ceramicist-Artiste types that lived up the road, Route 33, toward Athens away from Shade and Lars’s Poquito Ranchito. I was not overly sentimental about it but I liked it. I liked having it around. In fact I will keep it in its broken state at least for awhile. It only has a half inch equilateral triangle sized chip out of it up on its lip, so although it’s not recommended for drinking purposes it could find use as a change holder or paper weight. I thought you should know.
How’s the hurricane and lava flow treating you? Hope all’s well in general.

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