O.C. from all over the place… on getting money out of politics… reclaiming the public airwaves…

“My dumb assed illiterate know nothing ignorance Trumps, that’s right Trumps I say, your hard earned rigor tested knowledge, wisdom, science, and any other high minded smug elitest result of applied intelligence, study, serious inquiry, or critical thinking” Caption for a T-Shirt to be sold at the “make America even more stupider again” SUPER PAC Fundraising Website -George Skalsky-

Making our elections as “Not for Profit” as possible, and taking the amount of money necessary to enter and effectively compete in the political and electioneering realms down to the lowest possible levels is the only way meaningful “Re-Democritization” can take place in the US. There are tools and policies that exist or can be pursued to this end, but all would entail taking both power and resources and ultimately wealth away from the overprivileged and circulating those things more equally throughout the society. Identifying which specific steps the “p’BD’DiA” movement should take in this regard and hammering them home consistently and unflinchingly is key to any agenda for change that “We the people…” espouse and attempt to make a reality of. One key plank to such a platform of policies is:

  • Taking back our “public airwaves” and the Internet, or at least an adequate portion of both, in order to run our Democracy in a nor for profit manner. Thus, access to the mans of communiating and competing in the Democratic processes of Government on all levels and all jurisdictions would and could be a function of low cost, small donor, and publicly financed elections.
  • These elections would entail much less corporate media coverage of dog and pony shows of candidates solely judged by how well funded they are either by their wealthy assed selves or the Oligarchic mega donors that have held increasing sway especiallu since the ridiculous Citizens United and McCutcheon Supreme Court decisions of 201
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