I should be looking into… More O.C.

…making my call for a "p’BD’DiA" movement through other means and media besides my unread blog… this next "Write In" campaign for the 9th Congressional District in Ohio will be the one where I call attention to "all of this" and stick to my "Most be Best" authentic "voice de T-Bone" to try and finally get something going with, like, my work- including "getting a little something for myself" through the efforts and the process. Oh well, look at this article and then start planning. My Mimosa time will soon be nigh, and it might jsut be that that’s when I finally do indeed show up and produce.https://blog.credomobile.com/watch-live-streaming-facebook-youtube/?pc=330111&page=handset&aid=8402613&utm_source=house_em&utm_medium=acq_engage&utm_campaign=330111&utm_content=may18_tuesday_tips_livestream_em

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