OC on Trump AC skimming and laundering…

…on the previously quoted article on the DJT…My own crot/comment:

Of all the smoking guns to notice or dots to connect on old Trumpsquatch’s shenanigans the one(s) that scream to me for major scrutiny are the questions that are raised by Trump’s Atlantic City casino properties having somewhere in the vicinity of -1% revenue growth during AC’s best salad years heyday which are said to be roughly 1995-2005, while all the other casino companies in AC during that time had revenue growth in the +18-20% range. During those pre Borgata dayss the Trumpmeister’s places were thriving and hopping with crowds and activity and were the places to be- yet his revenue growth languished. That’s a lot of phantom or missing or skimmed or laundered revenue… Where did it go? Who did it come back to and from who, or again, where?? A simple google search of “Donald Trump’s casino revenue relative to the AC norms for 1995-2005” should yield a number of interesting articles on the related subjects. And oh Lordy, I too hope there are tapes, or, better still, somebody left at the FBI or Justice Department who cares enough about this country to connect these and other dots that suggest we have a spoiled rotten trustfunder bully turned Russian mobbed up oligarch wannabe/developer/ reality TV host as the now under siege and lashing out to survive President of the United States.



The director goes over his findings on youtube:

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