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O.C.- A Brief History of Imperialism:

“A Primer For Overprivileged White Americans With Narcissistic Entitlement Issues” So… all of human history has evolved with the rich and poserful (Freudiean slip- I meant to write “powerful”- but look what came out, and oh yeah: “Whoops, I did

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Transcribed and other misc. O.C.-

Thurs., Aug. 14, 2018, 12:20 PM… These MRI days. They are intermittent revisitations of how life can and has changed. We hope all will be well; we worry a little and a lot each time. No mystery of surprise or

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OC from various old posts or emails…

More writing to soothe the soul… Cal Jimmy the Slovak Q… Like, the writin’ first, like always nowadays… So I’m back at the grind, day two, and it’s already Weds., Jan. 10, 2018… I am just not getting any traction,

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More for theDepartment of Peace… good material at the above site. Googling “Toward a Department of peace” gets lots of folks and orgs to check out…

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Misc. Original Content…

…on random topics including…” that vile pit of spent Trump change “… In getting back to my lit guy roots, for the purpose of both. “like, the writin” and also of course- the living, Brew, the living… this might be

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For net neutrality and Public airwaves sections… by Steven Singer who is a husband, father, teacher, blogger and education advocate. He often writes at his own blog here. this site mioght be worth getting involved with, at least first by "shecking it out…"

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O.C. from all over the place… on getting money out of politics… reclaiming the public airwaves…

"My dumb assed illiterate know nothing ignorance Trumps, that’s right Trumps I say, your hard earned rigor tested knowledge, wisdom, science, and any other high minded smug elitest result of applied intelligence, study, serious inquiry, or critical thinking" Caption for

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I should be looking into… More O.C.

…making my call for a "p’BD’DiA" movement through other means and media besides my unread blog… this next "Write In" campaign for the 9th Congressional District in Ohio will be the one where I call attention to "all of this"

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For the Climate and Environment chapters…

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O.C. on the F.M. and the patent office and the whole nine yards…

Well, they took some honey, from a tree- wrapped it up and they called it me. Everybody’s trying to be my baby, everybody’s trying to be my baby- everybody’s trying to be my baby now. They have to improve everything

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