This goes to my OC page on Reclaiming… Shutting down the “Premium WP Site for now…

…with a little sadness, but hey, it was, in year one at least, around a hundred bucks poorly spent. I look forward to trying it again maybe, but after I am actually “showing up and producing” on an ongoing creative basis- at least to a damned degree, eh? Anyway, here is all it amounted to…

Home page:

Giving more thought to this start-up. Still not making much headway into this new central to what I’m doing blog/site. But eventually I will get past the blocks and I will get going… and one of the things that needs to be considered is to get Tim or maybe Boby (sic) involved int the tech end of setting up a “Social Network” that is designed to be the “progressive, grassroots, pro ‘Big D’ Democracy in America movement” internet hub. That’s what it needs to be. With a whole bunch of Congressional District “Chapters” that carry forward, on all the levels necessary, the activism that it will take, and is indeed out there in many forms and in many places, to congeal and grow to into having the capability to really impact our social, economic, and political Democracy to the extent that is needed for “we the people…” to start exerting more effective impact and control over the larger forces and major issues that we face as we make our way into our collective futures.
This will be somewhat of a “Table of Contents”/Directory of what I am doing and will evolve as I start this new site…
So I will need to go through the process of setting up “Chapter-Issue-Platform Plank” pages on this Home Page like I did on “Reclaiming”… I liked the way that works in theory. This Website is a “gateway” to all of what I do with, like, the writin’ though so maybe I will experiment with different ways to do direct people that I actually get to visit this page to go to wherever they want to go and or where I’d like to direct them… As usual, tis daunting as heck.
Ultimately it will be the Page that introduces everything I am proposing that “We the people…” maybe ought to consider organizing and doing in order to better Democratize our politics, economy, and society in general. In general, I am proposing what I call a broad based “pro ‘Big D’ Democracy in America” movement in and throughout the United States to counteract the ongoing “Right Wing Backlash” of the last 40-80 years or so, which has culminated in recent years with something that can be described as nothing short of a “Money Coup” (or if you prefer, with a nod to Thomas Pikkety’s work, a “Coup d’argent”) that has been carried out on behalf of the wealthiest sectors, individuals, and beneficiaries of the more and more oligarchic styled neo-liberal “world order”.
Every time I try and get any traction with my efforts in this regard, I get overwhelmed by the scope and enormity of what I am trying to propose. I hope this time I go ahead and just show up and produce, and put what I’ve got so say and offer “out there” and just see where it leads.

That;s all I wrote, folks…

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