OC on Who Rules America: The Next 100 Years,,, The Forward to the FM …

Who Rules America: The Next Hundred Years… “The Past is Prologue… Study the past”

For this Prologue to the great “p’BD’DiA” movement’s manifesto that this particular “FM” is indended to “flesh out”,I want to, in some sort of fairly concise, brief, and rudimentary way describe Who and what it is that now “Rules America” and why the practical circumstance and consequences of that current factual reality call out for “We the people” to dramatically and rapidly challenge and change our course as a nation, people, and society…

…that’s the question that needs to be not only addressed, but fought for, by those of us, “We the people…” as it were, who believe that a true “BD’DiA” movement is needed in this country, and that such a movement for Democratic resurgence and revitalization can, must and will get us onto a very new and different “path with heart” into our and the world’s collective future than the curreent “world order” currently has us on. There is a great deal of good to come from the serious, open and honest study it takes to have an idea of where we’re at, but we also need a proactive and pragmatic approach to bringing about the “real change” that so many of us feel and know in our hearts is needed.

I have, to quote old Tom Joad, “studied on this, I’ve studied on this a lot” and what we have now is “a bad thing, but it’s a bad thing made by man (mostly) but by God if it’s made by man then it can be changed by man (or, more accurately, by the aforementioned “We the people…” So that is what a lot of what I want to write about is involved with. It’s not just that, I also want to get out all the autobigrabhical memour and creative not fiction in the form of what I like to think is imaginative poetic non fiction prose. But I will settle for that stuff coming out as it does in whatever form it takes. In the mean time, I think that my truest “life’s calling” as I accept and see where I’m at now in a truly honest and humble unpretentious manner is to write the “Call to the politically wild at heart”- the manifesto and platform for a truly revolutionary pro Democracy movement in these our United States on all levels: social, economic, Political, and cultural.

A Brief Forward to that effort has to be to say Who or what it is that has come to, to far to large an extent, rule the America that we now live in- the America that we want to transform into, as Edward Abbey described it: “something completely different”.

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