Speaking Truth in Trumpian Times…

…and tru dis, but remember, Mein or Il Trumpf (depending on your slight degree of revolted separation at any given moment) has “drained the swamp”… bless his reptilian heart.https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/01/opinion/taxpayers-scammed-republicans.html Krugman NyTimes column from 3/1/18

A couple key quotes:

Most of the tax cut actually consisted of huge tax breaks for corporations, which is in effect a big tax cut for stockholders. And while many Americans own a bit of stock via their retirement accounts, even if you include these indirect holdings, more than 80 percent of stocks are owned by the wealthiest 10 percent of the population. So on the face of it, the wealthy are giving themselves a big gift, and sending the bill to the middle class.


So far, we’ve seen about $6 billion in bonusesversus more than $170 billion in stock buybacks, that is, handing money to wealthy stockholders. And money spent on buybacks is money that isn’t being invested in plants and equipment, the supposed point of the tax cut.

So the message to middle-class taxpayers is, if you think you were helped by the tax cut, think again. Donald Trump and his allies pretended to give you a gift, but they gave themselves and their wealthy patrons much bigger gifts — and they’re going to stick you with the bill. You’ve been scammed.

Now, the best from the comments on this Opinion piece….
From Socrates:

It’s a deal that soothes a handful of greedy, right-wing billionaires’ charitable winner-take-all sensibilities and sociopathy while making poor and middle-income whites feel good about their pigmentation and lack of critical thinking skills.


t turns out that theft, highway robbery and three-card-monte take many forms, including trickle-down economics, 0.1% welfare on a credit card, and torpedoing the nation’s treasury, social fabric, infrastructure, common sense, and future so a few disgusting fat cats can drink the money they sadistically stole from society and have a good laugh about it.

and David Gregory:

Social Security is one of the larger creditors to the US government and hold roughly $3 Trillion in US debt. If you let them, the Republicans will steal this from every American who has paid in from the first Burger Flipping job they had as teenagers until they retired. Please be careful and do not feed the Republican meme about Social Security.
With a raised income cap for Social Security and indexing it to inflation, it can function well for not only todays workers but generations of workers yet to enter the job market.

We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.
-Eduardo Galeano-

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