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Just like we were saying last night- Obama the Democrat coming out for expanded school choice which the Republicans have sold down the throats of the public with fugazi think tank studies and in actuality they are in favor of more in order to gut a last bastion of Democratic “labor” strength: the teachers unions. Will charter schools successfully address the issues of urban poverty and unequal opportunity structures or the environment and sociopathic behaviors of the indiginous peoples of those “neighborhoods”? Uh, gee, I don’t think so. There will of course be the occasional “Stand and Deliver” type of success story based on some charismatic leaders efforts in a particular school or place… and that will be all the proof the “mainstream” media, public, and politicos will need to O.K. the further gutting of public education- which is, arguably, the most hopeful of all potentially Democratizing and leveling of the playing fields kind of institutions in a “free market” open society of supposedly relatively equal competing pluralistic interests.
Your Hero, T-Bone

Google “The Higher Education Revolution” for more links…

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