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…this one to an old blog of mine from blogger that I think I already mined and deleted but it apparently still is “up air”- not that there’s anything wrong with that:http://odfoswbv1.blogspot.com/

I found it on my old twitter account…

Today we spend the hour with Noam Chomsky. He spoke recently here in New York at an event sponsored by the Brecht Forum. More than 2,000 people packed into the Riverside Church in Harlem to hear his address. The title of his talk, “Crisis and Hope: Theirs and Ours.” This is Noam Chomsky.


Connect the dots with hedge fund buyups of housing stock…
…with this article http://www.marketwatch.com/story/2-reasons-the-fed-may-keep-interest-rates-at-zero-2014-05-09?reflink=MW_news_stmp

If they raise rates right after the hedge funds and bank buy ins to dominate single family rental housing- partly because banks wouldn’t lend to people to buy when prices were low- “too risky” if not the “most qualified borrowers” which allowed the banks and hedges to buy everything in sight when prices were super low and even though that has driven up prices somewhat it’s now going to be that prices are up interest is up, and renters are at the mercy of rapacious landlords for profit from Wall Street. And rents are skyrocketing. But all these folks who are less than “most qualified” still cant borrow to buy their way out of rental servitude- unless at much higher interest rates than when they couldn’t qualify at all at more affordable prices- or for a better house than they can now approach buying. If they can at all.

A good disclaimer:

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Excerpts and links may be used on websites provided that full and clear credit is given to Dale Kistemaker and Poetics Of Speed with appropriate and specific links to the original content.

What should the “pBDDiAM” look like, be named, etc. etc…

…some kind of left leaning progressive populist coalition of “real” pro Democracy groups, individuals, already existing alternative parties, writers, poets, idealists, counterculturalists, currently outside the mainstream types- in short, the whole bunch of us indigenous bozos on this Neo Liberal Globalist bus that has us all careening toward the bottom in a race that most of us will lose badly if we don’t get our collective act together, and, you know, go out there and get this whole thing started.

For another descriptive list of who we are see Bobby Dylan’s “The Chimes of Freedom” verse that delineates all the people in the whole wide universe for whom them chimes be a tolling for.

A quote from me, George Skalsky:

What did you expect. They are a known right wing media behemoth who airs Rush all over their AM empire… Don’t waste your resources on them or in preaching to the choir. Go set up offices in the most Red parts of the country and seek out allies and start fighting the information war on the turf of where there are a lot of people who would help out and be glad to go to work for you but all the “Liberal” entities out there just stay in safe haven home bases and think they can change hearts and minds with symbolic gestures and trying to embarrass opponents who could care less about such antics and tactics.

So, forming the necessary legal entity and then commencing fund raising… in an escrow account, interest bearing- until the first office and 1-3 paid positions are fundable for say 3-6 months. The business plan for what that will look like, what it will cost… then do it…

So the first issue to organize around is the Constitutional Amendment addressing the corruption of our Democracy by too much money in politics… all the ramifications of this reality are issues that cannot even be addressed or considered given what’s “politically feasible”- given the current “political climate”- don’t you know???

My email to Russ Feingold when he announced his decision to run to return to the Senate from Wisconsin… 12/7/15

I am glad you, Russ will be returning, hopefully, to the Senate. I want to let you know that because of one of the only surviving “Relevant” clauses of your “McCain-Feingold” Campaign finance legislation I will be trying to run for Congress as a progressive “pro ‘Big D’ Democracy in America” Independent in Ohio. The clause in McCain-Feingold that has as much Democracy enhancing potential as anything out there I think is the one that says Candidates can be paid out of their campaign funds either the salary of the office they seek or the job they took leave from to run for that office (whichever is the lesser). This has a lot of untapped potential to get a new breed of progressive candidate(s) out their and spreading the message of “truth to power” (and the poser of “We the people…” over concentrated wealth) that would be a stark contrast to the Fox “news”, MSM, “Republican Noise Machine”, and Right Wing Radio drivel that saturates the country both during and between election cycles. I am going to use my Campaign in 2016 as a trial model of doing just that, and describing how many such somewhat quixotic efforts In Congressional districts all around the country- but especially in bastions of neo- conservative solidarity- might level the playing field a bit and inspire more liberal folks in those Red thinking bastions to bother to discuss and even vote for a progressive alternative to what is presented to them. Sincerely, and Thanks For Past, Ongoing, and Future Efforts On behalf of “We the people…”One of the best post election commentaries…

…the WildMan has stumbled into…


It’s conclusion, quoted in full: (my thought is that the “worst case scenario” described in the 3rd paragraph below is where this just completed off the rails season of reality TV channeled Democracy has us headed.)

Ultimately, the Democratic establishment brought this loss on themselves. They spurned and tried to sabotage Bernie Sanders and his class message. Trump took the Bernie-style populism, emptied it of real class politics, reduced it to a jumble of affective associations, and used it to beat up the smug liberals of the professional managerial class. It worked.

Alas, too bad for all those well-meaning Trump voters and everyone else. Trump is a fraud, a ripoff artist who leaves unpaid bills and collapsed casinos in his wake.

The next four years look very grim indeed. As president he will attempt to govern by Twitter and soundbite, dragging American political discourse deeper into the muck. The worst-case scenario is that Trump will establish a modus vivendi with the far-right Koch-brother-led wing of the GOP and achieve a historic gutting of the regulatory state plus a momentary debt, tax-cut, and infrastructure-funded economic boom. This could consolidate a new right-wing populist base — at least until it all comes crashing down. If the Democrats continue shunning the working class, they will only help solidify Trumpism.

Or perhaps the Chaos Candidate’s colossal ego, infamously short attention span, and apparent pleasure in firing people will produce the Chaos Cabinet and exacerbate divisions within the GOP and paralysis on the policy front. Perhaps, the Clinton- DNC cabal can be broken up and run off and the Democratic Party can re-launch on the basis of a neo-Rooseveltian/Sanders style set of programs.

Either way, the grassroots left — as in social movements, advocacy groups, and organized labor — faces scary and unprecedented challenges.

…for awhile, and her citing of Harding’s days as parallel to Baron Von Trumpenstein’s opening salvos reminded me of something you, Mr. Vosh, said prior to his landslide and mandate creating pre coronation “Democratic” election…



So what if I were a real live blogger. What would be the point. The gatekeepers are moot. I went not that route. I mean, I wrote the whole time since Mr. Lincks et. el. set me up and OU’s English Dept. set me off on my own particular road experience. Well, not exactly the whole time. But intermittently so. I have found a whole bunch of literary heroes. And some not officially lit guys but still they make the list. Let’s think about that list… Joseph Heller, Ken Kesey, Hunter Thompson, Noam Chomsky, C. Wright Mills, Cactus Ed Abbey, Uncle Wendell Berry, Robert Bly, Marilynne Robinson, William Greider, John Steinbeck, and of course the special category “Road Lit” guys, which includes Steinbeck for Travels With Charley and Mark Twain for Roughing It but also Jack Kerouac, William Least Heat Moon, and even though he turned into a cheese eating hack DH Tom Wolfe for his early countercultueral living histories.

There are others. I need to put together the core curriculum book list of what most helped me develop into having, hopefully, my own voice. But for now, some free ramge T-Bone blogging trial runnings, mon.

Here’s some stuff I need to get around to:

  1. Call Kelley… see about getting some mulch, like a whole yard I think, through her with her truck. Also, see about having her take care of our yard for trade I can get from Ronnie’s. When we’re on VAC.
  2. Also call former neighbor Fran about getting the big Aloe plant either back to our stewardship or harvested now.
  3. Call the tow dentists after self inspecting my cheek and mouth for signs that all is A-O.K..

Life is not bad. Chris wants another dog, and I could see it too. But, at the same time, treavel with two dogs is going to be more problematic than just with the Stone Man. I mean, he is socialized and well behaved going it solo ion motel rooms, but two dogs… I wonder…

Dennis Kucunich is someone to contact about what kind of an organization I want to help form… it’s a no brainer, actually. https://kucinichforms.house.gov/Contact/ContactForm.htm at some point early on in my Web Presence building and Super Pac forming… How about calling it the Super Citizens Small Donor Super PAC in support of (Rapid) Evolutionary Progressive Grassroots Transformational Democracy Solidarity in the Unites States. Probably got to be something better than that.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is another person to contact. There are countless individuals to contact once I hve my own shit together enough to start pointing people to to show them what I am proposing. http://www.robertfkennedyjr.com/ He might be a very good person to ask to be on a Board of Advisors…

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