More to contact…

I think his “About Page” is a good reference for me to use when I’m writing mine:

Contact Us: info

Progressive ones, to contact, seek support from, and model after…Googled: People’s Voice PAC

This is a dang good one: Tom Engelhardt’s creation is still strong, one to be contacted…

These guys should be contacted when I am really ready to launch things and am getting the beta-prototype “Party Funding the New Democratic Peaceful Revolutionary Party” up and functioning in the “real world”…

A major reason we founded Ticketfly was not only to create the most powerful social ticketing platform, but to build a company that stood for something more: namely to harness the power and passion of live entertainment to make a difference.

Client Support (for venues and promoters)

Already working with Ticketfly and have questions about building events or selling tickets?
Get Help: Ticketfly Community
Email: clientsupport
415.798.2350 – United States
647.694.3074 – Canada

Client Support Hours
Monday – Friday: 5AM-9PM PST
Saturday – Sunday: 7AM-9PM PST

Humanity Imperiled
The Path to Disaster
By Noam Chomsky is an excellent peacenik/pro-Democracy dude and blog…

“The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose,” said Debs in the speech for which he was imprisoned, “while the subject class has had nothing to gain and all to lose—especially their lives.”

He (Swanson) writes: “In addition to being immersed in a false world view of war’s inevitability, people in the United States are up against corrupt elections, complicit media, shoddy education, slick propaganda, insidious entertainment, and a gargantuan permanent war machine falsely presented as a necessary economic program that cannot be dismantled.” this site never disappoints… lots of peeps to contact whenever I start… this article is a favorite…
Published on Monday, September 30, 2013 by Truthdig

The Sparks of Rebellion

by Chris Hedges …and of course truthdig is a classic… got to plod through all my stuff and organize it and start contacting people and their .orgs and blogs and such like… Spain and a new party from their occupy movement a knowledge sharing social media site

Jenn Topper is the media manager at Free Press, an organization fighting for your rights to connect and communicate. Her article “The End of the Internet as We Know It” is basic Net Neutrality stuff but good. one of the best Media and Democracy sites and their Board includes Robert McChesney. All of them might be contact-able types… is some kind of journalists network service- for pretty hefty coin. Might be something to look into as I get established… if ever as if.

This article/blogpost comes from what looks like it could be a really good site for me to look at:

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