Planks and Issues for the pBDDiA movement and corollary UPCC PAC…

  • The need for there to be bedrock, perhaps Constitutional Amendment level reform of our Campaign finance, electoral, and public airwave and internet utility laws and systems in order for Democracy to be restored in this country and to undo the defacto “Money Coup” that has been effectively carried out on behalf the interests of overly concentrated wealth in this country (and around the world as well) at the expense of, well, most of all the rest of us.
  • Discussion of and rallying around and organizing to make these amendment level reforms (in some cases- in other cases maybe something short of amending the Constitution will be more effective and desirable, cuz, like, messing around with the constitution is not to be taken casually) is a prima facie thing to stage events, and parties and gatherings and dare I say “Conventions and Conferences” around. They can be a focal point in every Congressional District where the UPCC PAC and a specific actual “Citizen Candidates” is actually operating and engaging the Democratic process…
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