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Planks and Issues for the pBDDiA movement and corollary UPCC PAC…

The need for there to be bedrock, perhaps Constitutional Amendment level reform of our Campaign finance, electoral, and public airwave and internet utility laws and systems in order for Democracy to be restored in this country and to undo the

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Old Notes on “United Progressive Citizen Candidacies” PAC…

… hey, that might just work for the name of the PAC, a FEC PAC that could then have dedicated separeate state PAC;s for trying to back down ballot candidacies for state, local, and school board kind of offices. Some

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Contact info and other miscellaney…(sic)…

Send something off to Micah White at: contact this cat sometime, finally: September 23, 2013 at 9:08 AM Willie, I named my second dog after you and I don’t know if there is much higher respect. He is a

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Link to a pdf… and another link to a different version of

Finding Otherness A Blueprint for an Independent Conversation about 2020 … Turns out the following link is just an intro to a link to the above link to the pdf, so that’s the choice…

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Reprint of an email from Micah White…

Please click here to share this strategy briefing with your social networks. Why are our protests failing and how can we achieve social change today? by Micah White for The Guardian, August 29, 2017 (read with big font here) The

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Another Chomsky book to read, buy…

…preview, or download:Who Rules the World by Noam Chomsky, published in May, 2017. buy at: preview at:,+Empire,+and+Social+Change&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiI_ZXYu_rVAhUn34MKHTx9BF8Q6AEIOzAD#v=onepage&q&f=false or, if you’re broke, try playing with downloading a pdf of it at:

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A quote from a Bernie email:

During the presidential campaign, I made it a point to stop at conservative areas like Liberty University and McDowell County, West Virginia. I did that because it is imperative that we go beyond our political comfort zones, start reaching out

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Latest Chomsky book…

…as far as I know, so, read it as a pdf at:–P2QufPNIgv2f9HDuK3wz_Ky7APFdCLjn7Q30u-wZ___dQke6zIsxt4LpJlPiTPBmZTpMxHWyMlXJLDocOM0nzE7zQi2b7KQPXhoHayV0q28CJgmjYZ-OLLi53hzV5DZ1bOqkclotw9_GPg7qK6o9UnHImOZkehZjR6aIh7fj7HJmVgMlsSHTnBosU&attredirects=0 or buy it at: Since there was no google books preview for the above book, here’s a link to the preview of Who Rules the World also

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Contact info for various sites and people… …to start really contacting oncet you have the new blog up and showable and your building it up in some kind of way your proud enough of and confident enough in to share with anyone you want to

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For researching how to end Citizens United and, that’s right and…

…getting money out of, as much as possible, the Democratic electoral process. Searches related to Democratic Bill to Overturn Citizens United constitutional amendment to overturn citizens united how can we overturn citizens united constitutional amendment to overturn citizens united text

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