A huge step in reclaiming our Democracy…

…is to defend and rebuild quality public education at all levels, especially in our most vulnerable communities. This is a larger issue than just being against Charters or for profit hedge fund sourced education corporations. But standing up to “them” also requires exposing the real story of “school choice”.

This is a good petition to sign, I think…
And a quote:

The Public Broadcasting System is showing a three-hour “documentary” called Schools Inc. that tells a very one-sided story of school privatization. It is anti-public education propaganda.
The film was produced by the Libertarian Cato Institute (which supported Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary) and got funding by extreme right-wing conservative foundations–the Rose Mary and Jack Anderson Foundation, the Prometheus Foundation and the Steve and Lana Hardy Foundation.

We cannot allow this assault on public education go unanswered.

Our Message to Public Broadcasting System :

I am outraged that PBS would air a right-wing propaganda video like Schools Inc. that attacks public education. If you are going ahead with this airing, please broadcast Assistant Education Secretary Dianne Ravitch’s response to the film—and air the documentary “Backpack Full of Cash.”

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