It’s time I start posting again…

…even if only to get the kinks out of the whole operation. so, this is another progressive left news and opinion site to add to those that I check out as I’m generating my own new advocacy site: which was founded in 2004 by a guy named John Byrne… who is an alumni of Oberlin College:

This guy should maybe be contacted, eh? Their "abstract" is the following quote:

The Raw Story is an investigative news nexus that highlights underreported news and rejects the traditional media narratives of power and influence. Founded in Boston in 2004, Raw Story has grown from a pure play political news site to a collaborative, investigative powerhouse that reaches more than 1.6 million readers per month. Recent focal points have included Wikileaks, wiretapping and judicial abuse. We’re a big believer in transparency and the power of information to change lives. We also hold that telling the stories of those disenfranchised by popular media enriches our ability to understand and solve complex global challenges.

A bunch of links from a credo email, including at least one from rawstory:

CREDO Action Headlines:
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