Tribute to (O.C.) Ralph Nader and his call for Single Payer

…the man who should have been elected President in 2000, and probably would have been had it not been for the already extreme takeover of our Democracy by the ongoing “Money Coup” that has financed the right wing backlash of the last 40+ years and the meek response chase to the right the enfeebled and anemic and Wall Street co-opted Democratic Party- in short the one party duopoly that allows the “Dictatorship of the Oligarchy” that is what Neoliberal and Neocon globalization has given us: the imperial rule of transnational and trans sovereign corporate and personal ill gotten concentrated wealth. Anyway, a great piece by Mr. Ralph Nader:

When the companies and their apologists argue for a “free market” approach to healthcare, you can retort – what free market? Half the money coming to these companies is from the federal, state and local governments. Taxpayers also pay tens of billions of dollars for much of the discovery and testing of drugs. Tax breaks and loopholes in patent laws block generic drugs and distort the free market.

Drug patents are by definition monopolies. Concentration by mergers and acquisitions of hospitals, clinics and physician practices (note dwindling independent cardiology practices) raise serious anti-trust issues. Fine print contract peonage takes away the consumers’ freedom of contract, as do the daily buy and sell equations, so often rendered by third parties for patients. Corporate billing and other crimes are endemic. What free market?

Each of you can help the Single Payer movement build momentum. Ask your members of Congress in writing if they support HR 676 and, if not, demand their appearance in person at a town meeting arranged by people like you to answer why. If they refuse, peacefully picket their local offices.

Ask the newspapers, radio and television stations, including the culpable public radio and public television, when are they going to cover the basic full Medicare reform supported by tens of millions of their listeners and viewers?

Finally, go to the website to find out what other people are doing and what more you can do with your friends and co-workers.

One percent of you, together with popular backing, can make it happen, through a persistent civic hobby. Remember, you only have to turn around less than 450 members of Congress.

Enough Already?

and go to this web site and become one of the 1% who can make this needed change and hugely important first or early step to “We the people…” truly reclaiming our American Democracy.

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