O.C. on A reasonable primer on why…

…we need to appropriately regulate and tax capitalism, and the “ROI” is king class that it has created in the age of austerity, market liberalization, “free”trade, deregulation, tax cuts for the wealthy and the global corporatist sectors, and in general the “Neo-Liberal Hawkish” money coup that has taken over the traditional western Democracies on behalf of the global oligarchies that want “All for themselves, and nothing for anyone else…” (to paraphrase the prescient warning of one Adam Smith over 200 years ago)- or ti will be too late to do anything about where the wrong path with no heart that they have us all on is leading us to. (spoiler alert, all you lemmings, it’s the edge of a cliff in a boxed canyon)

Disposable Americans: Extreme Capitalism and the Case for a Guaranteed Income By Paul Buchheit

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