Good Critique of Milquetoast Democratic Party…


…what, exactly, was the message the Democrats had for West Virginians? Yeah, I didn’t hear it either. All I heard Hillary talk about was that Trump didn’t have the temperament to be president. Until the Dems get a good, solid message and platform together and effectively communicate that to people, they will continue to lose to a master marketer like Trump who had a simple message and repeated it over and over and over. Democrats just can’t tell people what is wrong with Trump-they have to tell people what they will do for them and what they stand for…

The support for Trump is not about what he says or does. It’s about how tired people are of the Democratic Party’s hypocrisy and lip service. I can remember a time many years ago when I first became disillusioned with the party and subsequently voted Republican for the only time in my life. I attended a National Committee meeting and saw how the National Committee treated its most loyal constituency, railroading a proposal to fight apartheid in South Africa. I thought to myself, I work for this party, and vote for this party because of civil rights, and this is how they treat that constituency. It was an eye opener to say the least. The same goes for its treatment of organized labor, and even women, those without a college education. What it has become is the party of government of the big banks, for the big banks, by the big banks. The rest of the party platform is just gilt. You know, that stuff Trump seems to love so much he decorates everything with it. The reason people voted for Trump is simple. They understand well enough that the Democrats only pretend to differ.

…address WHY people don’t vote Democratic. Could it be the Democratic candidates or leadership? You know, like Chuck Schumer smugly proclaiming, incorrectly, that “for every blue-collar voter we lose in western PA, we will win two suburban Republican voters in eastern PA.” Or Navy Pelosi telling the Face the Nation guy who asks her what new direction the Democrats are going to take after getting wiped out at every level of government, and she says “the voters don’t want a new direction”. Half our nation is poor, the middle-class has been wiped out through income inequality and wage stagnation and the Democrats STILL won’t fight for a $15 minimum wage. Is it any wonder why the two parties have basically morphed into one?…

…tremendous momentum has built up behind action to completely fix the damage from the financial crisis, reduce inequality, finally provide actual universal health care, attack racial, gender, and other inequalities, fix climate change, and drastically expand the welfare state. To win and maintain a majority, Democrats must actually fix the tremendous problems besetting the American people from every side.

The party as a whole must see that full-throated populism is both a moral and political necessity.

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