Original Content on Citizen Candidacies and Constitutional Amendment Conferences…

So, my suggestion on how to reclaim (our) American Democracy……entails a bunch of tings, mon, to be done under a loose but coordinated “United Progressive Citizens Candidacy campaigns across the U.S., starting with the mid-term 2018 Congressional elections and having the intent of being a much more palpable force and powerful entity by the 2020 Presidential election campaign cycle, which of course, has already begun with “the Donald” already ramping up his perpetual false advertising and branding campaign and running around the country holding cult like rallies of his koolaid drinking faithful to celebrate his historic landslide and amazing accomplishments so far, in the face of unprecedented and unfair resistance to his American people first agenda of tax cuts for the wealthiest, deregulation of anything that inhibits rich concerns with strip mining anything for profit anything htey want to with complete impunity, and either privatizing anything in the public “Commons” that can make fast easy profits for the few at the expense of the many or suffocating through funding cuts anything else that might dare to be a “public good” or benefit to all. So anyway, here are some of the basics to what I am proposing, and what I am planning to do myself to make these things start to happen, starting with some specific things for me to do first…

Original Content on Citizen Candidacies and Constitutional Amendment Conferences…

…as a lead in event to hold in as many Congressional Districts as possible for the 2018 midterm and 2020 Presidential Election year elections. I have been rasslin’ with what to name what I am fixin’ to do. I have kind of settled on:
“United Progressive Citizen Candidates”
which has a nice ring and allows for people to run under a variety of Party affiliations around the country, depending on what’s best for their particular district. I know I am planning to run as an independent so I can have the full range of time that the general election will be “covered” so I can get my message and platform and rationale “out there” as much as possible. While I am doing that In Ohio’s 9th Congressional District I will be putting together, as best I can, a model for trying to have the same sort of thing done in other districts. So a few notes on this:

  1. There needs to be a coherent platform on the issues that my own candidacy and larger suggested movement is to be based on. This is huge, like the “Party Platform” for a new Progressive party, or the new platform for the remaking of the Democratic party. A political manifesto for the whole “p’BD’DiA” movement I am calling for through my engagement with the political and electoral “real world”… This is a huge assignment but I really do have a handle on what I want to have in it and why and I really just have to organize my shit and post it… it will be a work in progress but I have to get a clean and fairly coherent “Beta” of It up there on the “Brand New Blog” ASAP because it is this thing that I will be putting up air as the lightening rod to call attention to what I am doing and to also ask for support, funding, and help in the actually implementing and doing of what I am making this “Political Call to the Wild” for…
  2. Each “Citizen Candidate” in every Congressional District where one runs is charged with not only running for and hopefully winning the actual seat as highly progressive candidate- but he or she also needs to be the focal point person in the organizing a real new and different kind of activist progressive presence in that particular Congressional District and the State and larger Region that it is naturally a part of… This means a lot of different things, and that’s what i need to put into the main writing project, or book type of deally bop, that this is at the heart of what I am trying to do.
  3. Cuz, like, I am a writer at heart, a poet philosopher, writer naturalist, adventurer explorer type of guy at heart, and this is to be either my “Fat Masterpiece” itself (with apologies to Cactus Ed Abbey), or, short of that, it is to be the once and for all “getting this political economy/social justice shit out of my system so I can find some peace and or write the other stuff that has been clogged up inside partly because of the state of our “business and politics as usual” for a goodly measure of most of my adult life. Mind you, I’m not complainin’. I’m just saying.

But wait, there’s more (the following is rough transcription of snail notes…

  • Congressional Candidates start an ongoing organizational structure promoting and advocating for the overall “p”BD”DiA” platform, agenda, and path to make it all a reality in the real world… they also recruit copious other “Citizen Candidates” to run for all manner of public offices- from local school boards and city councils to various and sundry other County, State, and Federal offices. This part is huge to the overall building of a foundation for the movement towards “We the people…” reclaiming control of our American Democracy.
  • While running to win is paramount, no matter how quixotic it might seem in many early instances and in some places that have very little in the way of a strong progressive presence in public life… the idea is to build that presence by holding all kinds of events and parties and forums and Music Festival/Progressive Cause Rallies that are meant to both bring together and expand the progressive thinking people in a given area- not to just get all wonkish or cultish about issues and policy, but to have fun, party together to build the party that needs to fill the vacuum of real pro Democracy solidarity in our politics that has been almost completely co-opted in our public life by the harsh “money coup” of the hard right and the acquiescent and limp kneed mainstream Democratic Party response to that coup over the last 40 or so years now. That centrist Neo Liberal hawk approach is not now and never really has been an acceptable approach to all of the real challenges we as a people, not of just our nation but of the while dang world it’s just set the stage for what we now our forced to confront- “Mein Trumpf” and the whole organized right ready to inflict their old tired agenda on everyone and everything under creation- but the few at the top

More to follow…

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