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I am trying to find info and reference to the term “Blood Debt” as it refers to giving justification to ongoing wrongheaded jingoistic militarist solutions and/or excuses for the hegemonic behavior of America’s oligarchic plutocratic globalist extractive (of whatever leads to rapacious wealth accumulation for the few at the expense of the many) Neo Con nut job elite- either they or the they who they represent… here’s some of what I found:
Lehrack’s book is available at and I will try once more to put that link here and send this because this computer in general and browser in particular are acting really squirrelly (sic)… an article Helen Thomas: Time To Get Out Of Our Blood Debt In Iraq (Burden Placed On Next President)

(Helen Thomas can be reached at hthomas)

Author Otto J. Lehrack wrote about the presidential dilemma of Vietnam in his 2004 book “The First Battle: Operation Starlite and the Beginning of the Blood Debt in Vietnam.”

Lehrack makes the point that U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam could have been easily accomplished — without much furor — before August 1965.

But then came the first major Marine battle against the Viet Cong at Chu Lai. The Americans vanquished the Viet Cong but lost 54 casualties. The U.S. toll quickly escalated in later months and, by the end of 1965, American dead in Vietnam totaled 2,385.

From then on, American presidents found it politically, morally and emotionally difficult to disengage because of what Lehrack calls the “blood debt” that the U.S. leadership incurred as a result of these casualties and the thousands that followed. How could U.S. officials tell the next-of-kin and the American public that their loved ones died in a futile war?

“How could the American president defend the expenditure of more than two thousand American lives with nothing to show for it,” the author writes. America spent another 10 years and more than 56,000 additional lives in pursuit of the Kennedy-Johnson-Nixon policy in Vietnam.

“Like gamblers who have already lost their gambling money, and then the rent month, and then the car payment, and then the grocery money, and then borrowed or stole in the hope of changing their luck, the Johnson and Nixon administrations kept signing markers to America for a debt in gore that they hoped a reversal of fortune would justify.”

In other words, the United States was getting further in “because it would be too embarrassing to America’s interest to get out.” It sounds sadly familiar.

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