O.C. For the “It’s the Stupid Economy, Brew…” chapters…

…so it turns out there is workable valid economic theory that can be applied to policy, without completely tearing everything, including capitalism, down. And it can turn austerity policy on its mean assed fricking ear, or arse, and then leave it where it belongs: on the dust bin of history.I think there is or are are or were mean spirited roots to the evolution of capitalist thought and practice. Or maybe it is just part of, though not all of, human nature. The whole leaning toward the light or the dark, listening to our kinder or meaner angels. There’s rhyme and reason to do either, or both, in all of us. So let’s construct policy, and a politics and platform, that encourages the better, the light, the kinder that is in us all. That commonality is as real as our most selfish, violent, and greediest possibilities.
The dystopian Ayn Randian nightmare that is more and more the reality imposed on us by the billionaire oligarch beneficiaries of the rigged system they have erected for their own benefit and then describe as the result of “natural” or worse “divine IE God’s” law is what’s been tries and empowered since Prop 13 and Ray Guns- and it is an abject failure for all but the extreme minority that has successfully staged the “money coup” that now must needs be overthrown, overturned, and debunked.
So the links, man, only the links…
Actually, all of the links are available in this https://www.thenation.com/issue/may-22-29-2017-issue/ issue of the Nation, which is finally going to start to pay for itself… Good stuff…

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