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The Climate Movement and A Pro ‘Big D’ Democracy in America” have almost total comon Ground…
This Interview has much to consider. As does of which is part of the collaboration of and

Koch bros. links… these linking Kochs to Kasich, that “moderate” bought and paid for right wing hack operative of a “public Servent” and supposed “adult in the room” among the Repubes…

a video on fracking, Ohio, Kasich, and the Koch Bros

Mike Ludwig seems like a guy to contact for pBDDiA movement…

Screen time’s effect on kids…

“When parents put their kids in front of television sets, it was like locking them in the basement alone. When they turned parenting duties over to computers, it’s as if they threw away the basement keys…” -paraphrasing Robert Bly from his book The Sibling Society-

About a former congressman…

This article is good. Dennis Kucinich was my Congressman and easily deposed by extremist Republican Gerrymandering. Much more later… Dennis is someone to ask to be “on the board’ and an adviser to the “pBDDiA” movement that is going to hope fully start taking form soon…

by by
Deirdre Fulton, staff writer for Common Dreams…
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License

A representative quote from the article:
“Everyone remembers the autumn of 2008 when it seemed as though we had tapped into a new spirit of the times, one that was very upbeat, hopeful, even transformative,” Kucinich said. “You could just feel that the United States was on the threshold of something that was new, unique, and promising of great things. When President Obama took office he had a Democratic House and Democratic Senate. And even more than that, he had the American people. He was in a singular position to be able to appeal to the American people to rally around a program of dramatic economic change… If the president had gone to the people with a powerful legislative agenda that would have created jobs, saved peoples homes, increased wages, provided for child care and a ringing defense of Social Security, and really carried forth the spirit of the New Deal—the country was ready for that.”

“We could have taken a new direction in the world,” he continued. “The world was ready in 2008 for an America that was neither bellicose nor plotting, but rather cooperative and law-abiding.”

Instead, the country is grappling with rampant income inequality, involvement in endless war, stagnant wages and ballooning debt, overpowering corporate influence in elections, and near-constant infringement on civil liberties. As such, Kucinich noted, “It’s fair for the American people to ask, ‘what in the world happened?'”

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