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A “pro ‘Big D’ Democracy in America Movement” has to take the view that we need to advocate for major change that is not attainable in the current mainstream political climate, which is dominated by elite donor political spending that goes overwhelmingly to conservative agenda causes and candidates or to the best of the worst choice Democratic party appeasers who either work for the best incremental deal they can win or reach across the aisle to give us bipartisan nuggets like the War in Iraq, Bush’s tax cuts, Clinton’s deregulation of the financial sector, Clinton’s gift to the banks in the form of the onerous and college cost enhancing Guaranteed Student Loan Program (which is already crippling the economy, hobbling young people and their families, and bound to be the next bursting bubble we all have to face “more austerity” over), and of course, Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel’s signature legislative achievement: Romneycare For All.
A nice quote from the article:http://www.commondreams.org/views/2014/10/09/how-did-gandhi-win-lessons-salt-march-todays-social-movementsThis is a great article by by
Mark Engler, Paul Engler

“These activists are not necessarily focused on reforms that can be feasibly obtained in an existing political context. Instead, momentum-driven movements aim to alter the political climate as a whole, changing perceptions of what is possible and realistic. They do this by shifting public opinion around an issue and activating an ever-expanding base of supporters. At their most ambitious, these movements take things that might be considered politically unimaginable — women’s suffrage, civil rights, the end of a war, the fall of a dictatorial regime, marriage equality for same-sex couples — and turn them into political inevitabilities.”

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