Some idle comments…

Googling: Best Fundraising sites for progressive activist causes generates much instristing (sic) shit…

On Trump’s Russian connections that don’t show up on his lawyer’s “Special Delivery” letter…

Looking through email requests for online petition “Clictivism” brings to mind the old Jim Morrison classic, “The Soft Parade”: “You cannot petition the hard assed prick bastard rightists with anything at all, let alone prayer or click through “stand taking”…”

…and miscellaneous bon mots…On The Trump Team: a basket of what I call (paraphrasing Hillary to a point) despicable and deplorable (mostly) white men (with the exception of that exception that proves the rule, that young woman Ivanka, who has overcome incredible odds to rise to the highest insider levels of the Executive branch- thanks to her grit, determination, and most of all the successful “Natural Law” mechanizations of what is best described as a true meritocracy.

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