…and more,This one from an old friend of sorts- Rima Rigas, whose blog is very interesting:

Inequality and America’s financial meltdown brought into focus a new class of citizen that had been in the making but grew at an accelerated pace as a result of the Great Recession. That class, as Professor Guy Standing calls it, is the precariat. People who, by all rights, should be solidly middle class but are barely subsisting. Writer and psychologist Paul Verhaege wrote a piece entitled "Neoliberalism brought out the worst in us." It has. Look at all of us now. Trump is in the White House. Theresa May is at 10 Downing Street. Hillary Clinton ran a neoliberal campaign and purposely avoided the half of her party she didn’t want to reach out to. She lost. Opposite Le Pen, stands a neoliberal candidate. Macron, a very bright and accomplished young man, trained at the best schools, including the illustrious L’Ena, is a neoliberal at a time when neoliberalism is no answer to right wing populism.

There is a lot those who lead the U.S. Democratic party could learn from their own mistakes and what is happening all around us, but signs are they continue to refuse to.

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