Just riffing now…

…on a couple two tree related issues…

  1. Medicare for all as a worthy first or second step towards a complete transition away from the “for profit” medical industrial insurance complex we have today. It is out of control, it is predatory, and it makes the most vulnerable and difficult times in life more stressful and horrific than they ought to be or have to be for far too many people.
  2. Ultimately the Medicare tax needs to be levied on all income. It needs to be adequate to fund universal, single payer, not for profit health care for all.
  3. Expansion of the social security and social welfare tax to include all income, again, earned and unearned, along with raising the upper limits for that tax to include, all together now, all income, is an easy step towards expanding social security and welfare benefits and increasing the income and benefit “floor” for all Americans.
  4. Such an income and benefit floor could come in various forms including, but not limited to: a good deal of credits for education, job training, OJT, and paid internships; increased food and nutrition and early childhood education benefits for families on whatever new “Welfare as we will come to know it and view it” turns out to be.
  5. It would be interesting to do a longitudinal study or review of what percentage of total income (earned and unearned) in the U.S. has been subject to the social security tax since its inception as a Federal retirement program. I have a gut feeling that it would be a shocking decline, what with the increase in the incomes of the elites relative to wage earning working people and low level management folk in the service and retail sectors.
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