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As Mussolini pointed out fascism is defined by an economic system where the policies chosen by government are indistinguishable from those desired by corporations.


Yes some of our politicians took a few baby steps forward. Many, like myself, were happy that at least they weren’t taking large steps backwards. It has however become obvious that the gap between small steps forward and large steps backwards is a distinction without a difference. The challenges we face are on a timeline and if we do not meet that timeline the feedback loops of Mother Nature will take over and all but certainly end the project of civilization. Thankfully this is now being recognized within the scientific community at least as anything but hyperbole.

I used to be afraid of a Trump Presidency. No more. Devos for Education, Perry for Energy, Pruitt for the Environment. The destruction they intend is so very obvious that finally people are becoming enraged and engaged. Even more heartening is that polls show that Trump and Clinton are equally despised while the young and many others have aligned themselves with the New Deal democratic policies espoused by Sanders. The bald faced wreckage that this Presidency intends has had the effect of accelerating the protest required to make fundamental changes to our systems. Given the timeline we face dictated by the laws of physics and chemistry that is a silver lining we must mine with haste. An article close to my old heart and way of being and coping…
APRIL 3, 2017

George Wuerthner: A Bold Voice for Wild Nature


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