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The ranking member of the Senate intelligence committee, who has seen the intelligence reports, says they show that Russia’s interference affected the outcome of the election.

Nothing remotely as serious has ever occurred in United States politics. Russia’s interference is a direct attack on American democracy. If Trump’s aides were involved, that’s treason. If Trump knew about it and did nothing, that’s an impeachable offense at the very least.

Which is why Trump wants to bury it inside a fog of diversions, distractions, claims and allegations that appear to have something to do with it but lead elsewhere.”

That all may be true, to a point, but I sort of remember thinking that it was a pretty big deal that the head of the FBI, a Mr. Comey I believe, felt compelled to come out with another Hillary email “bombshell” just a week and a half or two before election day, only to issue an: “oh, never mind…” the very Sunday before the vote. That probably swayed a couple two tree of the close swing states that finally swung the “landslide in the electoral college” Mein Trumpf’s way. But that was O.K., he was just honorably following his conscience and his belief that the American people needed to know that particular tidbit. Among all the many tidbits that they maybe had a right to or ought to have known, that was the one Comey chose to be forthcoming about. And gee, gosh, that just might have affected the outcome as much or more as the great Russian Bear: Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin.

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