OC on DJT, or “Barron Von Trumpenstein”… this for the “why Citizen Candidacies” pages…

…perhaps the ultimate bounce off the bottom that “We the people…” have had the displeasure to experience during this ongoing “money coup” being done to our Democracy by the reactionary right that is now overwhelmingly better funded through dark money and citizens united and corporate personhood “sham” rulings by “their” (not our) SCOTUS…Better funded to keep on fighting their one sided culture war on the countercultural revolutions of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and now far beyond those days that are still going on throughout our society despite their attempts to prevent them…
In a lot of ways it is all rooted firmly in the hard fascist leaning right of the 30’s and their bitter hatred towards Traitor (to his class) in Chief FDR and all his New Deal shennanigans that actually helped regular people and that formed the basis of a social safety net that the more privileged sectors of the economy have been against because they don’t want to pay their taxes that go to help pay for it.
This sickness has to be addressed. In those old days they wanted to repeal the whole New Deal. Today they want to first repeal Obama Care and then get back to going after anything that’s left of the New Deal or anything that came after those original programs that bear any resemblance to that kind of nanny state nonsense.

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