What would a pro democracy in America look like…

…O.C. from an e to me 9/26/12……and how best to get it up and started…
But more than that, an organizational start up e to me. Going through my pack pack. Chris’s number at Eddies is 216-221-3776 Ex.229.

My current record for my commute in either direction is 8:50- which is smoking but it will be broken one day, I think.

Still need to get my AAA renewed…

What we have now is: "Corporate citizen oligarchs…" along with Ayn Randian hyper individualist libertarian plutocrats…" "mainstream media cowtowing to both and mostly parrotting their received (from the right wing Repulican Noise Machine") wisdom…" "lemming like voters who vote in droves against their own best interests…"

Worrying about what type of Organization or Committee this whole thang should be only keeps me mired in the muck, Brew… and although we have a central issue to organize a movement around, namely, a Constiturional Amendment that addresses not only post Citizens United money in politics issues but also the myriad other tools and scams that the Oligarchic, plutocratic New Gilded Age right wing has been utilizing all along but especialoly since the hoax that was Ronald Reagan’s mythological "morning in America" drivel…

Some random thoughts on a time frame:

  • If I am able to stay on task enough to actually have a
  • Web Site, a couple blogs;
  • Pay Pal account, bank/escrow account;
  • Some kind of legal framework to operate as and around…

Then I should be able to be up and really started by January or sooner- certainly sometime between the Election and the Inauguration… A formal start date of new years 2013 or Jan 4th would allow 6 months or so lead time to have a Constitutional Amendment Congress and all around Pro Democracy Movement organizing Conference in Cleveland around about July 4, 2013… The Second Constitutional Amendment Congress could be held the following year in Philly,a nd if I were to be even close to making that much happen then I could be running with a serious shot at winning Kucinich’s lost House seat…The big thing is to just start really going through my stuff and starting the blogging and building the Web Site and do the things I can do to start up- and look for collaborators everywhere and then keep at it as things evolve…



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