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I suspect that Mr. obama does believe some of the economic shibboleths that came in with the Reagan Revolution even as its manifest failures still drag us down. He is, after all, right of center, politically.

The best way to put a cap on health care costs is to adopt policies similar to Australia’s hybrid system of universal health care and not-for-profit private hospital insurance. Everybody wins except those who want to monetize your misfortune.

If and when the president is re-elected, the Republicans in congress will refocus their goal. It will change to making sure that he is only “a two term president.”

As long as the filibuster rules are as they stand. Obstruction will be the norm.

My fear is that Obama will continue to side with the ruling class (Wall Street) if he is re-elected and just coast through his second term. I hope he goes after the people who want to destroy him by trashing everything good he tries to do for this country. They do this out pure personal hatred.

Something quite interesting to me is the report this morning that clearly states that the politicians don’t want to keep around payroll tax breaks, but if you touch the inheritance tax (paid only if you inherit more than about $4 million that isn’t a family business) that’s going to destroy the economy.

In other words, if it helps poor people, we “can’t afford it”, but if it helps rich people, no cost is too great.

I will hold my nose this November and vote for Obama. Not because I expect him to follow through on what the people who voted for him expect–I did that four years ago, and he’s not going to fool me twice. Rather, because the alternative is so catastrophic that I don’t really have a choice. Obama is perhaps the only moderate Republican on the American political scene, and unless you grasp that, you only get confused by what he does. Yes, he lies when he mouths support for progressive causes, but what is the alternative?

No full employment scheme can succeed in an economy undergoing rapid productivity growth without providing workers with financial instituions that enable workers to amass enough money earning money to cease working, and leave the job opportunity to the next worker. This is what the Federal Reserve Bank wiped out for the benefit of banksters and hedge funds that concentrate wealth only for the few.

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