OC Moron (sic) what a “p’BD’DiA” would look like…

…and it’s all O.C. too, don’t you know…

Again and again I ask myself: “What would a true pro Democracy movement in America look like, and what would be its main initial issues to organize around, and what would be its long term policy goals. It’s useless to protest the rule of the 1%. They will not change their rigged and gamed system that they are the main beneficiaries of… (though many of us in the good old US of A are secondary beneficiaries of this draconian and reactionary system even if we see and disagree with much of its abject inequities, injustices, and failed promise and possibilities for better ways to our collective futures thatn the silver spoon sucking conquistador cowboy system that provides wtieh so much brazen white boy lack of leadership… IE Sonnie Dubya, Mitch Romney- that sniveling little Bainey Rat Willard…)

So how do we peacefully and through the still ample Democratic institutions and processes that are still indeed available to “We the people..”- even if they are indeed at great risk to the concentrated wealth and spending advantages enjoyed by the great oligarchs and plutocrats of the mostly hard right neo con billionaire boys club of the .1%- best epitomized by the Koch Brothers but don’t forget the Adelman casino kngpen funding half the sham Republican dog and pony show and Murdoch with Kasich and on and on… they have been spending at all levels for so long that except for the Presidential cycle at the National level the Democrats and Unions and Hollywood and Soros can barely compete… thus the Democrats can become center right Republican light and Obama and the Clintons can still be witchhunted and slurred as if they’re Marx and Lenin and Trotsky all rolled into one and come to eat your beatuiful blonde christian Aryan babies.

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