Fundraising party possibilities, and more mined email material… and the following is a link to their actual fundraising pdf page:

Some other possibilities are: the Building in Lakewood Park

The Party Room at the Tick Tock…

Research and locate some others throughout the 9th Congressional District…

Now, more mined content:

Craig Unger points out in his new book “Boss Rove,” the extremist money people who pull the strings of the party are willing to throw tens of millions of dollars into elections to preserve their billions.

If, in the presidential debates, Romney accuses the President of crony capitalism, should the President respond with the fact that Paul Ryan’s brother, Tobin Ryan, once worked for Bain Capital? And that with money borrowed from Bain, Tobin Ryan started a company call Imaginitas which did business with the state of Massachusettes while Romney was governor? (source:… this site is from Oregon and has some very good material especially on wealth inequality… a possibly very good alt media site worth exploring… certainly goes on my links list, probably…

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