Ohio PAC info…

…from the Ohio Sec. of State’s web site so this should be enough to proceed with… other states are no doubt different so when and if it comes to that each will need to follow other state’s laws…http://www.sos.state.oh.us/sos/upload/candidates/cfguide/chapters/chapter6.pdf

Federal, State and Local PACs A PAC registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) may use its federal PAC account to make Ohio non-federal disbursements. Such PACs are called federal, state and local PACs (FSLs). Before such a disbursement is made, the FSL PAC must register with the secretary of state’s office by filing a copy of its most recent Statement of Organization, a federal form. Thereafter, whenever information listed on the form changes, a copy of the revised form must be filed with the secretary of state at the same time it is filed with the FEC. Whenever an FSL PAC files a report that includes Ohio non-federal activity, a copy of that same report must be filed with the secretary of state. The only necessary pages are the summary page, the detailed summary page and any disbursement pages that reflect Ohio non-federal activity. FSL reports must be postmarked by federal, not Ohio, reporting deadlines. The campaign committees of a candidate for federal office wishing to make expenditures to Ohio non-federal candidate committees, Ohio PACs or Ohio PCEs, legislative campaign funds, state political party funds or county political party funds must first register as an FSL PAC before making such expenditures. The PAC is then subject to the reporting requirements and contributions limits of any other FSL PAC. [R.C. 3517.107; OAC 111-1-08] If an FSL makes a contribution during a calendar year from its federal account in connection with a state or local election in Ohio to an affiliated state or local PAC, then the FSL must file form 31-R, Ohio Residents Receipt Report with the secretary of state by the last business day in January of the next calendar year. The statement shall list the name(s) and addresses of each contributor residing in Ohio that made contributions to the FSL during the calendar year covered by the statement. The statement shall also list the aggregate amount of each contributor’s contribution received during that calendar year. This information is not intended to address federal filing and disclosure requirements as enforced by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Contact the FEC for additional federal filing information. The phone numbers for the FEC are (800) 424-9530 and (202) 694-1000. The FEC website is: www.FEC.gov

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