Good stuff to draw from…

…as I build up to creating the new blog et. al.. Article links followed by prescient and telling quotes if I am so inspired…

Actually though, it is hard to get inspired by much, so I will just mine old e’s.


Buffett, through NV Energy — a utility that he owns — is urging the Nevada Public Utilities Commission to gut the state’s popular net metering program, which pays solar panel owners for the energy they send back to the grid.
NV Energy claims that rooftop solar customers raise prices for other Nevadans, even though a report prepared for the state’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) says exactly the opposite! But Buffett’s real reason is that rooftop solar cuts into the profits of his utility.
If Buffett get his way, the solar market in Nevada would tank, costing as many as 6,000 jobs. But this is way bigger than Nevada — because a victory there would embolden Buffett and other utility owners as they attack rooftop solar across the country.

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