Voter suppression’s role in 2016 Presidential election…

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From by Carly Knight and Vanessa Williamson

As one of us has written before, the contemporary movement for voter suppression is not new, but it is resurgent. Particularly in states where their electoral coalition is in decline, Republicans have promoted laws that intentionally and systematically disenfranchise young people, minorities, and the poor—three solid Democratic constituencies. This is also the first presidential election since the repeal of major portions of the Voting Rights Act. At least 868 polling places were closed in VRA jurisdictions, meaning many voters in traditionally Democratic locales had to travel further, wait longer, and sort through confusion in order to cast their ballots.


Political scientists are undoubtedly already at work to assess the effect of voter suppression efforts on this election. The first test will certainly be in Wisconsin where 300,000 registered voters lacked the needed forms of voter ID, and where Trump won by a margin of only one percent, or less than 30,000 votes. Though Trump’s victory in North Carolina was substantially larger, there is evidence that voter suppression played a meaningful role in reducing Democratic support there.

And from Theda Skocpol (not on voter suppression but a key point about the need for the progressive left to field citizen candidates in the Great American Flyover Flyover Zone.)

You say Trump had no organization. True enough for his own campaign. HRC had the typical well-funded presidential-moment machine, an excellent one. We on the center left seem to treat these presidential machines as organization, and they are, but they are not as effective as longstanding natural organized networks. To get some of those working for him, Trump made deals to get the NRA , Christian right and GOP federated operations on his side. They have real, extensive reach into nonmetro areas. But off the coasts, Democrats no longer have such reach beyond what a presidential campaign does on its own. Public sector and private sector unions have been decimated. And most of the rest of the Democratic-aligned infrastructure is metro based and focused. That infrastructure is also fragmented into hundreds of little issue and identity organizations run by professionals.

In at least one study, access to conservative media was shown to increase Republican vote share

“Now, we look at the voters themselves—who voted for Clinton, who voted for Trump, and what we know about why.”

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