For the net neutrality and related issues chapters…

Destroying Techdirt is likely Ayyadurai’s intention, even if he knows he will lose the case. To put the outlet out of business he’s hired Charles Harder, the lawyer who represented Hulk Hogan in his successful suit against Gawker. Harder also wrote threatening emails toNew York magazine in an attempt to silence its groundbreaking reporting on disgraced former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes. Future First Lady Melania Trump has also secured Harder’s services, in an apparent effort to silence any unflattering reporting about her that might appear.

Few independent publications have the means to defend themselves against frivolous defamation lawsuits. Often they’re forced into unfair settlements simply to avoid the costs of going to court against deep-pocketed, thin-skinned plaintiffs.

Idea: start a crowdfunded escrow account to help independent media sites, candidates, and other artists to defend themselves against not only frivolous lawsuits but also Trumpist repression and harassment of other kinds.

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