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Labor and Education… Public schools have been a bipartisan battleground for years now, with teachers unions taking attacks from elected officials at all levels as part of a broader movement to “improve” education by handing control over to private companies. Donald Trump’s

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Begin fundraising on multiple fronts as soon as I can organize..

…the new all encompassing blog for “p’BD’DiA” and my 2018 “Beta” Citizens’s Candidacy Campaign for Congress from Ohio’s 9th District. This is as good an easy place to start up as any:

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Voter suppression’s role in 2016 Presidential election…

Searches related to accurate analysis of voter suppression in key states in 2016 Presidential election voter suppression 2016 election voter suppression wisconsin voter suppression examples voter suppression pennsylvania voter suppression michigan 2016 exit polls voter suppression ohio voter suppression history

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Trumpian… Further investigation into this material is needed…

…but what a story.

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Matt Taibbi from awhile back… on Trump’s win etc.

…on the rise of “Mein Trumpf”… A prescient quote: (also a passage that well illustrates why I love this guy’s writing) “Trump is no intellectual. He’s not bringing Middlemarch to the toilet. If he had to jail with Stephen Hawking

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Must get started…

…re-energized, the whole bit, cuz he who is not busy believing there is something to be done will do nothing. I’m living proof of that.From: Before he died, Norman Mailer took to lamenting that the American culture was corroding

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For the net neutrality and related issues chapters… Destroying Techdirt is likely Ayyadurai’s intention, even if he knows he will lose the case. To put the outlet out of business he’s hired Charles Harder, the lawyer who represented Hulk Hogan in his successful suit against Gawker.

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Regin Schmidt’s Red Scare and misc Old email links etc. etc.. google books link to Regin Schmidt’s Red Scare Killing Hope: U.S. Military and C.I.A. Interventions Since World War II–Updated Through 2003 googlebooks preview:this is an earlier edition. The 2014 edition has no preview but is

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Looking at Robert Reich’s thinking…

…he seems to be a natural ally for “p’BD’DiA”…Some quotes from an article from “In These Times” I’ll need to revisit as I don’t know how to work this chromebook (sic) and make it copy and paste… O.K., here goes…

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And there is much gold, as usual, here:http: Let’s be careful about the phrase “anti-Trump coalition.” The phrase leaves the door open for everything being about the Big Bad Donald and for progressives to get sucked/suckered once again into the ruling class politics of the Democrats. We

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