Plumbing the depths…

…of old emails…And it is making progress. This afternoon I will try and write and organize from the laptop hard drive. But this stuff does need to be done, at least for the moment, and that’s that.

Reuben Hayslett, Working Families reply via

We know the problem, George, and it looks like this:

A billionaire can drop obscene amounts of money and elect a cherry-picked candidate. In turn, that candidate will pass the laws the billionaire wants and block the ones they don’t want.

The result? Uphill battles to raise the minimum wage, a cottage industry of climate change deniers slowing down progress, a for-profit prison industrial complex and massive divestment in public education.

Whatever your number one political priority is, campaign finance reform should be your second.

That’s why Working Families is teaming up with 25 partner organizations to launch Fight Big Money. We’re creating a massive coalition to urge all the presidential candidates to fight for a government that works for you and me, not big-dollar donors.

JOIN THE COALITION: Click here to tell all the presidential candidates that you want to see them Fight Big Money.

Here’s the Fight Big Money agenda we’re asking all the presidential candidates to support:

  • Campaigns funded by small donors, with a public matching funds system.
  • Increasing voter turnout, instead of increasing barriers to the ballot box.
  • Real disclosure of who is funding political ads.
  • Overturning Citizens United.
  • Tough enforcement of campaign finance corruption.

By forcing the issue for all the presidential candidates, we’ll see who’s brave enough to stand up to big money in politics

and a lot of good stuff came up entering:
public funding of candidates running for U.S. House of Representatives

at or google

Peter A. Nelson II
Lakewood High School
2232 Arthur Ave.
Lakewood, OH 44107
(216) 392-4028

The Workplace Democracy Act changes that equation. Our bill would:

  1. Ensure companies can’t prevent workers from getting a first contract.
  2. Make it easier for workers to form unions through a majority sign up process.
  3. Strengthen the enforcement when corporations break the law.

This is a commonsense idea that will help our economy and rebuild the middle class. Can you say you support it?

link to a Nader idea piece:

What about “Birth Year Pro Democracy in America” legacy giving???

Google: how to re-democratize america in the age of Citizens United


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Just something to read. The Web Site this is from has seemed to be pretty good in the past… Who cares, eh?,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=71116560eee7a4b6

MARCH 10th Thursday, 7 pm, Forum 110 – The One Percent – According to economist Edward Wolff (NYU) of the nonpartisan Levy Economics Institute, in America, one percent of the population controls 43% of the country’s financial wealth (3/2010 report). What impact does this financial disparity have on politics in our society? Filmmaker Jamie Johnson, 27 year old heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, explores this question in this eye-opening and humorous documentary, interviewing some of the wealthiest Americans, including Steve Forbes, Bill Gates, Sr., his own father, and economist Milton Friedman, formulator of the concept of the trickle-down economy.

google: organizing workers outside the workplace…

Open source union organizing:

Liberal progressive alternatives to two party system

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