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What follows here is a reprint of a comment by Mitch Ritter in response to another good piece:
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Here on the margins of advertiser-driven news and views media we have the space to form a critical thought and yet we find the electoral masses of broadcast consumers all too often settling for sniping. No doubt more COMMON CORE on YAHOO NEWS public comments sections than here on TRUTHOUT, yet even here we find substitution of memes for discussion that explains our terms. I’m sympathetic to critics of Common Core, but like “BENGHAZI” with “HILLARY” most of what I find are Media Memes stoked by the big money privatizers of public education. The Neo-Lib\Neo-Con or CRONY CAPITALISM formula for Socializing Costs and Risks while PRIVATIZING the PROFITS.

Could never find a screaming memer of “BENGHAZI” that had any understanding of Libya’s complex revolutionary dynamics or of the loads of valid criticisms that could’ve been leveled against Madame Clinton’s actual record as Secretary of State.

Those memes succeeded not only in massing the simple-minded but masking actual Washington imperial policies that have continued through GOP and DEM administrations: i.e. Turning Honduras into the USS HONDURAS military base with tax-payer “Defense” and “WAR ON DRUGS” funding only to find after 4 decades of that secret build-up of U.S. intel bases in Honduras the flow of drugs through Honduras en route to U.S. markets has risen in direct proportion to WAR ON DRUGS money spent to interdict.

Organized and U.S. armed gangs have so terrorized the Hondurans that they were risking their kids lives trying to buy their way through smugglers up through Central America and Mexico desperate to get them across U.S. border or they’d be killed on streets of Tegucigalpa or shanghaid into a gang. That would’ve been a policy ripe for re-appraisal by both parties and all U.S. citizens whether we identify as CON-servatives, LIB-erals, TEA PARTY CONSTITUTIONALISTS, Ayn Rand LIBERTARIANS who put down those guided by faith (as Ayn Rand did) and HOLY ROLLER THEOCRATS alike.

Even Feudal Lords of Finance & Corporatists like Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina should’ve fielded questions about our failed Central American policies and the human costs that contributed to our borders being overrun by unaccompanied children and minors. Not a question went out over a corporate-captured microphone, camera or branded online site.

Madame Clinton’s first role in office as Secretary of State was aiding the military coup that overthrew and expelled the anti-corruption party led by Mel Zelaya!

Any questions about that come up over the 2-year corporate-captured, sponsored and televised Election Season? To any of our Duopoly candidates?

As for Obama supporters not loudly protesting Bait & Switch Obama’s CroNeo-Liberal privatization schemes for Public Education or the disastrous OUTCOMES of tax-payers funding profit-maximizing Charter Schools just search online under Obama’s Chicago hoops buddy Arnie “Slam Dunk” Duncan’s name and the hand-picked CEO of Chicago Public Schools who within months of being appointed savior to the CPS was in court being tried and convicted of taking kick-backs from SUPES CON-sultans Gary Solomon (also convicted and sentenced in kick-back scheme).

The service provided by SUPES to CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS? Teaching public school principals to act more like corporate CEO’s!

Please you educated and organized teachers explain the problems with COMMON CORE or with CHARTER SCHOOLS or with PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS that invite the profit-maximizers into our schools and public institutions and swell the rates of INSTITUTIONAL CORRUPTION.

Don’t just snipe or leave this COMMENT space to the paid trolls!

Use your real names and shame the anonymous snipers. It will take a movement to take the commonwealth back from the Privatizing Grifters and Grafters and perpetually pauperizing perps.

Compare naming Amway heiress Devos Education Secretary with Obama’s naming of Superior Bank Bailout Queen and Hyatt Heiress Penny Pritzker as Commerce Secretary! This is a bi-partisan problem.

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