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Reprint of Toronto Star link… on Trump’s lyin’ smilin’ bastard ways… …in it’s entirety: Donald Trump said 560 false things, total The Star’s Washington Bureau Chief, Daniel Dale, has been following Donald Trump’s campaign for months. He has fact checked thousands of statements and found hundreds of falsehoods They don’t

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Yet another great read from this site… Contact this man and check out this site more thouroughly: DSA is the major organization on the American left with an all-embracing moral vision, systematic social analysis, and political praxis rooted in the quest for radical democracy, social freedom,

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A couple of Article-Essays…

…from a source that is fairly new to me but that I rather like so far… A prescient quote on Bernie… As far as Bernie Sanders is concerned, he is a decent, honest person, and I supported him. What

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A quick post…

…based on following a link about a job, of all things… But as for how voters might hear about parties’ economic proposals despite media disinclination to cover them, the roughly $300 million the major party candidates spent on campaign

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Nader Book…

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Plumbing the depths…

…of old emails…And it is making progress. This afternoon I will try and write and organize from the laptop hard drive. But this stuff does need to be done, at least for the moment, and that’s that. Reuben Hayslett, Working

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I have like this woman’s rad econ perspective…

…for awhile, and her citing of Harding’s days as parallel to Baron Von Trumpenstein’s opening salvos reminded me of something you, Mr. Vosh, said prior to his landslide and mandate creating pre coronation “Democratic” election…

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On fighting back against Baron von Trumpenstein… by Sonali Kolhatkar who is the host and executive producer of Uprising, a daily radio program at KPFK Pacifica Radio, soon to be on Free Speech TV (click here for the campaign to televise Uprising). She is also the

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On the “feeding news”…

…story…From ProporNot’s catalogue of supposed Putin-controlled outlets reeks of the McCarthyite smears of the Red Scare era. The blacklist includes some of the most esteemed alternative news sites on the web, including, Black Agenda Report, Truthdig, Naked Capitalism,

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Contact Bernie Sanders ASAP…

…like as one of the first persons to seek support for what I am proposing as far as Citizen Candidacies and a “p’BD’DiA” movement… An Amy Goodman piece on Bernie etc..

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