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The journalists who noticed where things might go this election season—like Alec MacGillis of ProPublica, Michael Moore, Salena Zito, formerly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and too few others—weren’t number crunching or aggregating. They were listening.

It’s likely that this months-long spectacle of real-world assaults and jeering threats, at once fascinating and appalling, had a welter of effects: emboldening and energizing individuals who identified with Trump or who felt ratified in their own bigotry; reinforcing fear and isolation in minority groups; and perhaps most significantly, inflicting a kind of psychological voter suppression among citizens disgusted by the whole spectacle.
Barclays Traders Jailed In Global Interest Rate Setting Scandal But Not Executives
by Pratap Chatterjee, Special to CorpWatch
July 6th, 2016

Posted in Speaking Truth in Trumpian Times

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