Voter suppression in 2016…

…they can get away with just about anything and the mainstream media and even the hack corporate Democrats will go along, because after all, everyone has a share. Or at least the DNC Dems do…

and from an email crom CREDO:

  • Widespread and intentional voter suppression aimed at people of color. Since the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013, many Republican-controlled state legislatures have enacted measures like eliminating and reducing early voting as well as enacting discriminatory photo ID requirements and restrictions on voter registration to keep Democratic and minority voters from the polls.4 In Wisconsin, where Clinton lost by only 27,000 votes, 300,000 eligible voters lacked the strict forms of ID needed to vote, and the state saw its lowest turnout in 20 years, especially in Black communities.5 In North Carolina, there were 158 fewer early voting polling places in Black communities, and Black turnout was down 16 percent. And across the country, Black people were forced to wait in line twice as long on average as white people.6It’s entirely possible that without voter suppression, Clinton would have won the Electoral College along with the popular vote.
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